Ariel vs Surf Excel: Which is Best for Your Clothes in 2022?

February 28, 2022 / RefrigeratorPro Team

Ariel and Surf are two most popular detergents in India. Ariel is a new entrant in Indian market as compared to Surf Excel, while the competition for Surf Excel has increased over the years.

Ariel vs surf excel

In any case, both the detergents have loyal customers in India. Some love Ariel, while some customers do not want to use any detergent which is not Surf Excel.

In this post, I will clearly explain the differences between Ariel and Surf Excel so that you make an informed buying decision.

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Ariel is one of the most popular detergent powers in India. It is not only among the top detergents in India but also in the US.

Since Ariel is a premium laundry brand, it is one of the more expensive detergents in the market. The best thing about Ariel detergent is that lesser quantity of it is required to clean more clothes when compared to Surf Excel.

Ariel comes in different variants for different needs.

Ariel Matic: High-end washing powder that removes tough stains even if used in small quantity. It comes in two variations- Ariel Matic Top Load and Ariel Matic Front Load Detergent Washing Powder. It is not suitable for washing with hands.

Ariel Complete: With pink, green and blue speckles, this detergent powder is perfect for regular washing and comes at a lower price point. It is ideal for semi automatic washing machine and hand wash.

Ariel Anti-Germ Matic Care: It is similar to Ariel Complete but it comes with an added advantage of removing 99% germs in the laundry. It is ideal for fully automatic top and front load washing machines.

Ariel Colour Care: It is ideal for coloured clothes as it does not contain any bleach. This powder is ideal for semi automatic washing machine and hand wash.

Advantages of Ariel

  • Ariel Matic is the best detergent for fully automatic washing machines
  • Gives effective wash even in small quanitity
  • Removes tough stains even of cuffs and collars
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Soft on hands

Surf Excel

Surf Excel is another popular brand in India that boasts of being the first detergent in India. Surf was launched in India in 1959 and became so popular that Surf became synonymous with detergents. Rising competition from Ariel lead to the name change from Surf to Surf Excel in 1996.

The best part of Surf Excel detergent is that it is more cost-effective as compared to Ariel. However, wash quality is not as good as Ariel and the quantity of detergent used is more than Ariel.

Just like Ariel, Surf Excel offers different variants for different usage.

Surf Excel Matic Top Load: Ideal for fully automatic top load washing machine as it produces more foam.

Surf Excel Matic Front Load: Ideal for fully automatic front load washing machine. It produces appropriate amount of foam for effective wash in front load washing machines.

Surf Excel Detergent Bar: Most cost-effective method. Ideal for hand wash.

Surf Excel Easy Wash: Ideal for semi automatic washing machine and hand wash. Works on both colored and white garments.

Advantages of Surf Excel

  • More cost effective
  • Liquid surf excel are most popular laundry detergents in India

Ariel vs Surf Excel

FactorArielSurf Excel
PriceHigher priceLow price
Wash QualitySlightly better efficiencyDecent washing
Amount of Detergent NeededLesser quantityMore quantity
Best For (Our Recommendation)Fully automatic washing machineSemi automatic washing machine and hand wash
Check Price (Top Load)Check Price (Amazon) Check Price (Amazon)
Check Price (Front Load) Check Price (Amazon) Check Price (Amazon)

Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid vs detergent powder- Which is better?

In terms of constituents and effectiveness, both liquid and powder detergents are equally effective. However, in some conditions powder detergent sticks on the clothes especially when washing with cold water. This might require another round of washing. Hence, liquid detergents are better in this scenario.

Detergent powder sticks on my clothes after machine wash. What should I do?

Since one drawback of detergent powder is that it can clump on your clothes, it is recommended to first mix the detergent in a cup of water before pouring it into the washing machine. This way you will not have to spend extra on liquid detergent and you will get all its benefits.

Why is liquid detergent more costly?

One of the biggest reasons why liquid detergent is more costly is that this detergent is more heavy, which increases the cost of shipping. This adds to the overall cost of liquid detergent. On the other hand, powdered detergents have all the moisture removed, which makes it easier and cheaper to store and transport. Hence, liquid detergent is costlier.

Why are there different detergents for top load and front load washing machines?

Front load washing machine uses significantly less water as compared to top load washing machine. Hence the amount of foam needed in front load washing machines is less. Hence, front washing machine detergents are specially designed to produce less foam. If you put top load washing machine detergent in front load, it will lead to ineffective wash and residue.

Can I use regular detergent in front load washing machine?

Even though it is not recommended to use regular washing machine detergent in front load, there is a way to use it in case of emergencies. Since front load machine needs less foam, all you have to do is use half quantity of regular/top load detergent in your front load washing machine.

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