Best Gas Stoves in India [Updated 2021] + Reviews

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Every Indian kitchen has a gas stove and it has become an integral part of almost every Indian household. And if you have landed here, it means that you are looking for a new gas stove for your house.

Best gas stoves in India

Many types of gas stoves and brands have come up in recent years and everyone wants to buy the best gas stove for themselves. Therefore, our team has come up with list of most sought-after gas stoves so that you can make a decision based on factually accurate information and our advice.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stoves in India

Pigeon by Stovekraft Blaze Blackline Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Stovekraft is one of the largest stove brands in India today. And Pigeon by Stovekraft is one of the most sought-after gas stove brands.

This model is complete value for money since it is difficult find a 4 burner gas stove at this price range.

Key Features

The burners of this gas stove are placed at decent distance so that you can place standard-sized utensils used in home on all 4 burners at one time. On top of it, these burners are made up of brass. Brass has high thermal efficiency, and it does not rust which makes it long-lasting. However, burners require regular cleaning to prevent food particles from blocking the holes in the burners.

Its body is made up of stainless steel which is durable, rust-resistant and easy-to-clean. The stainless-steel surface is covered with heat-resistant toughened glass. This glass gives a nice look to the stove and it can also withstand decent amount of heat and weight. Warranty on this product is 2 years.

It comes with metal-holders (stands for utensils) which are equipped with four pieces of drip trays. These drip trays make cleaning easy and convenient.

Other Features

Anti-Skid Feet– Special rubber legs of this stove gives a good grip to the stove so that it does not move or slip easily.

Powder Coated Mild Steel Pan Support– The burners are housed on a unique support structure that gives proper balance and grip near the burner and the stands

Nylon Knobs– Knobs are made of nylon, which makes it heat-resistant and long lasting. These knobs are also easy to handle.


  • Long lasting Stainless steel body
  • Toughened glass for durability
  • Decent 2 years warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Good flame
  • Long lasting brass burners


  • Stand height is a bit low
  • No auto-ignition

Butterfly Smart Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly is one of the oldest gas stove brands of India. The company was founded in 1986 as Ghandimati Appliances Limited and it a public listed company in Indian stock exchange.

This model is one of the best-selling 4 burner stoves in India. This is because it gives decent features at attractive pricing.

Key Features

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 burner stoves comes with 1 year of warranty, which is average for a 4 burner stove.

This product comes with a smart glass top with unique toughened glass that has a spill-proof design. This glass is shatter-proof and easy to clean.

Smart lock pan stand is stable and grips well with the surface of the stove. It means that these pan stands are firmly in their place reducing chances of spillage. They also come with spill trays. These trays will not rust easily and are easy to maintain because they are made of stainless steel.

The cooktop panel is made up of flame retardant material. This gives slightly better security as compared to other gas stoves. Also, the legs of this stove are heat resistant and provide decent grip.

Other Features

Brass burners- Just like most of the other new-age gas stovesthese brass burners ensure even distribution of heat for proper cooking. Also, brass has a high thermal efficiency, which ensures optimum retention of heat while cooking.

Easy-to-use knobs– The knobs are ergonomically designed, making them easy to use.


  • Decent design
  • Attractive pricing
  • Toughened glass for durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Light in weight compared to most of the 4 burner stoves


  • Design of the knob may not be liked by everyone
  • Material is not powder coated
  • No auto-ignition

Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top 4 Brass Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame brand is one of the oldest brands for kitchen appliances in India. It was founded in 1984 and it has risen as one of the best value-for-money kitchen appliance brands in India. This brand is well known for cooktops, chimneys and other kitchen related appliances.

Key Features

The base of this gas stove is made of stainless steel (SS series) and comes with elegant matt finish, while the powder coated sheet metal is of BK series

Sunflame GT Pride Glass gas stove comes with heavy-duty pan supports that are durable and cost less. They also distribute heat equally to the utensils and retain heat well.

Its high-efficiency burners are made up of durable, corrosion-resistant pure brass. Two of the burners are big in size while the other two are smaller. This ensures uniform distribution of heat to the utensils. Also, brass burners are have long life as compared to aluminium burners.

The gas stove is easy to clean and maintain. This is because of unique design and stainless steel material.

Other Features

Ergonomic Knob Design– The design of the knobs is user-friendly and these knobs are very safe to use. The knobs are made up of virgin plastic which gives decent drip. On top of it, they are attractive ins design.

Elegant & Compact Design– The toughened glass is 6 mm thick, which is quite good, while the gas stove comes in stylish and smart design that will go well with most of the modern kitchens

Stainless Steel Drip Tray– The stainless steel spill-proof drip tray helps in easy and efficient cleaning


  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Brushed matt finish stainless steel body
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Scratch and heat resistant


  • No auto-ignition

Prestige Magic 4 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige is one of the most well-known brands of kitchen appliances. This brand is known for premium products that come with excellent quality. Prestige made a name for itself in pressure cooker space and has become a go-to choice for users who can afford slightly higher pricing.

Key Features

This model comes with 6 mm toughened glass top. This thickness is quite good as some glass tops come with 4 mm thickness as well.

Prestige Magic is ISI certified gas stove. First of all, there are many gas stoves brands in the market without an ISI certification because getting this certification is not easy. Secondly, if a brand has ISI certification then it has to comply with quality requirements as formulated by BIS. Thus, this certification ensures excellent level of safety and quality standards.

Tri pin burners of this gas stove are efficient and come in different sizes. This ensures faster and better cooking. Also, these burners are made up of brass, which further enhances the cooking efficiency of this gas stove.

This gas stove is compact in design and is easy to clean and maintain. Its design is different from many other 4 burner gas stoves where burners are situated in two evenly distributed rows. Due to this, the length of 65 cm is slightly more than few of the other gas stoves.

Other Features

Spill Tray– This model comes with spill trays that help in easy cleaning of the gas stove

Ergonomic knob design– The design of the knob is ergonomic, which makes it easy to use

Warranty– This model comes with a decent 2 year warranty


  • Decent 2 year warranty
  • 6 mm toughened glass provides durability
  • ISI certification ensures quality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Brass burners


  • No auto-ignition
  • No powder coating on surface

Glen 4 Burner LPG Gas Stove

Glen is a well-known home appliances brand that was founded in the year 1999. This brand has grown in popularity because it brings products in elegant designs and with decent quality. Initially, the gas stoves were imported from Italy, but over the years, they have started manufacturing products in India as well, to cater the needs specific to Indian customers.

Key Features

Glen 4 Burner Gas Stove comes in black glass top. This toughened 6 mm thick glass is easy to clean and is scratch-resistant as well as stain-resistant. Also, the body is made of stainless steel and comes in matt finish.

The burners are made of Aluminium alloy. It is believed that Aluminium burners can get damaged over time due to its low melting point. Even though burners are made of allow of Aluminium, Glen gives a decent 5 year warranty on its burners, so that you can use the stove without any fear of damages. These burners are lighter in weight as compared to brass burners and come with special hole angles for better thermal efficiency.

This gas stove comes with extra strong pan supports. These 4 mm thick supports are ideal for accommodating large and heavy utensils. On top of it, the burners come in 2 different sizes. Two are large, while the other two are smaller. This ensures that even smaller utensils can be accommodated without wasting gas.

Other Features

Drip Tray– Stainless steel drip trays helps in convenient cleaning.

360 degree nozzle- The swivel-type revolving inlet nozzle can revolve by upto 360 degrees. This. Means that you can connect the gas pipe easily without worrying about the direction.

Ergonomic Knobs– Smart and elegant knobs provide firm grip and are quite convenient to use.


  • Decent design
  • Toughened glass
  • 5 years of warranty on burner
  • 2 years of overall warranty
  • 4 mm thick pan supports
  • Light weight at less than 8 kgs


  • No auto-ignition
  • No powder coating on surface

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Elica is one of the largest manufacturers for chimneys in the world. Its cooktop are also quite sought-after. This brand entered India in 2010 and it has quickly become one of the favourite brands in gas stove. This European brand popular is Germany and Italy and they have started to manufacture in India as well. It also offers a wide range of kitchen hoods, built-in-hobs and cooktops.

Key Features

Elica Vetro Gas Stove comes with premium toughened glass top that gives a premium look to the gas stove. This glass is elegant as well as durable. If you have a modern kitchen, then this stove will go well with the décor.

This has stove comes with euro coated grid. This ensures that cooking pans get a firm grip and they don’t experience chipping. This also ensures a good durability.

The toughened glass top makes the surface durable and long-lasting while improving the verall aesthetics of the kitchen. This material provides a lot of strength and prevents minor wear and tear. Also, this glass top comes with a very high 7 years of warranty. We have not seen any warranty structure similar to this with other brands.

The brass burners come in four different sizes. Two medium and two small size burners ensure that utensils of different sizes can be used with optimum heating. Also, these high-quality burners provide safe & time-saving cooking experience and decent flame.

Other Features

Stainless Steel Support Plates– The support plates below the glass top are made up of stainless steel. These support plates are durable and helps in ensuring a longer life of the gas stove.

High Quality Knobs– These knobs are easy to operate and function smoothly. Also, the knobs are stylish in design that complements the gas top well.


  • Sleek design
  • 7 years of warranty on toughned glass
  • 2 years of overall warranty
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • Euro coated grid supports


  • No auto-ignition
  • No powder coating on surface

Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove 4 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong is a relatively new brand, but its gas stoves have quickly won hearts of Indian customers with by bringing products with key features at attractive price points. That’s why we bring you one of the most popular Lifelong stoves in this review.

This model comes with 1 year warranty and an additional 6 months of warranty on registration.

Key Features

This gas stove comes with burners made of premium quality brass. Also, these burners are designed for even distribution of the flame. This ensures proper heating of vessels. Also, the steel plates at the base of these burners ensure that the food particles do not spill over on your kitchen slab.

Its 6 mm thick toughened glass gives it a nice look and it is also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. However, toughened glass require regular cleaning and maintenance as compared to a steel top gas stove.

This gas stove comes with anti-skid feet. Thus, you can apply pressure while cooking, without any fear of the gas stove slipping on the kitchen countertop.

Cleaning this gas stove is easy just like other stoves in this list. You can use a wet cloth to clean it. However make sure not to clean it immediately after using it for long time.

Other Features

Nylon Knobs– Flame control is easy and safe with these precision knobs.

Pan Supports– These give support at the base of the pan so that almost all types of utensils can be placed on top of them with firm grip.

360 Degree Swivel Gas Inlet Pipe– The Burner has swivel gas inlet pipe on the back side. It can rotate 360 degrees for easy connection.


  • Attractive Pricing
  • All basic features available
  • 6 mm toughened glass
  • Brass burners


  • No auto-ignition
  • No powder coating on surface

Best 3-burner Gas stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly is a well-known kitchen appliance brand, especially in the southern part of India. Over the years, they have introduced their products all over India. Butterfly gas stoves are known for their utility and value-for-money.

Key Features

This gas stove comes with a smart glass top, with toughened glass. This glass has a unique spill-proof design. Needless to say, glass top gives a nice aesthetic appearance to this stove.

The unique smart lock pan feature helps grip the pan properly so that it does not spill easily on the top of the stove / countertop. This also ensures proper heat distribution and ease of cooking.

The cooktop panel is equipped with flame retardant material. This ensures that you can leave the pot on the stove for long duration without fear of damages.

Gas stoves can get damaged due to the grime and spillages when there is no protection on them. This particular Butterfly model takes care of this as it comes with powder coating which makes the surface resistant to scratches, wear and tear and chipping.

Other Features

360 degrees nozzle: Nozzle can revolve in all directions for easy accessibility


  • 1 Year warranty
  • Attractive Pricing
  • Flame retardant material
  • Powder coating
  • Comes with almost all the popular features


  • Design of the knobs may not be liked by everyone

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Key Features

This gas stove comes with premium looking glass top that is resistant to rust and delivers a long lasting performance.

Toughened glass comes with a decent 2 years of warranty on top 2 years of warranty on the entire product. Very less brands and models come with warranty on toughened glass, let alone a warranty of 2 years.

The support plate below the glass is made of stainless steel. This ensures durability and long life of the stove.

Elica Vetro gas stove features 3 brass burners of different sizes. 1 is small-sized while the other 2 are medium-sized. These good quality burners ensure consistent flame and efficient heating.

It also features euro coated grid to keep the pans & pots stable. It also prevents the pan from chipping off and gives a decent looking finish to the gas stove.

Other Features

High Quality Knobs– The knobs are smooth and good looking. These knobs are designed to be stylish and complement the gas stove well.


  • Heavy brass burners
  • Stainless steel support plate
  • Euro Coated grid
  • Premium finish glass top
  • 2 years of warranty on glass and stove


  • No powder coating on the surface

Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Key Features

This gas stove is equipped with premium quality ‘forged brass’ burners. These burners are designed for even distribution of the flame and heat.

The gas stove has a 6 mm thick, toughened glass. This is decent thickness as there are other models and brands that come with 4 mm thickness glass.

This Lifelong Glass Top gas stove comes with 3 burners. Anti-skid feet ensures that the gas stove does not slip while you cook and you can apply extra pressure without any fear of skidding.

Pan supports are present to give support at the base of the pan so that they maintain their balance and do not fall or move easily.

Other Features

Nylon Knobs- Nylon knobs are comfortable to use and give precision flame.

Gas Inlet Pipe– The gas stove has a gas inlet pipe on its back side


  • Attractive pricing
  • 6 mm toughened glass


  • No powder coating on the surface

Prestige Marvel Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Key Features

Prestige Marvel gas stove is made up of powder coated body. This means that it is more durable and elegant as compared to many other gas stoves in the market.

Its compact design is good looking and is easy to clean & maintain. The design of this product goes well with modern kitchens. Thus, it will complement your kitchen.

This gas stove comes with toughened glass top that is durable and sleek in looks. It is also easy to clean which makes it a good candidate for regular use.

Prestige Marvel comes with set of durable pan supports that gives steadiness to pots and pans when placed on it. These detachable pan supports are ideal for easy cleaning and they have decent height to give ideal heating.

Other Features

Ergonomic Knob Design- The ergonomic knob design is easy on fingers and ensures consistent flame.

Spill Proof Design- It is specially designed to for easy maintenance


  • 2 year warranty
  • Powder coated body
  • Sleek, spill-proof design


  • Price is slightly higher than other models

Prestige Royale Plus 3 Burner Schott Glasstop Gas Stove

Key Features

Prestige Royale Plus is a premium gas stove that comes with 2 years of warranty on the product and lifetime warranty on glass. We have seen very less brands giving lifetime warranty on their glass.

Prestige gives lifetime warranty on the glass because it is Schott glass. Schott is a renowned German brand in that is known for its quality glass products. Schott glasses are resistant to breakage and give a sleek look to this stove.

It is also equipped with Sabaf gas valves. Sabaf is another renowned European major. It is an Italian brand that is known for producing high quality gas burners. These gas valves are imported from Italy and ensure long lasting and safe cooking experience.

Other Features

Individual Pan Support- Individual pan support ensures uniform cooking and easy cleaning.

Tri-Pin Burners- Tri-pin burners are of different sizes so that different types of utensils can be used.

Ergonomic Knob- Ergonomic knob design makes them easy on the fingers.


  • Premium look
  • Schott glass
  • Sabaf gas valve
  • 2 years warranty on the stove and lifetime warranty on the glass


  • Higher price

SUNFLAME GT Pride Glass Top 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove

Key Features

The powder-coated metal base makes the surface of this gas stove resistant to scratching and chipping. It also ensures that the goas stove has a long life

This gas stove also comes with heavy-duty pan support. These supports are durable, come at a lower cost, and distribute heat equally across the burners so that heating is optimum.

The top of this stove is made of 6 mm toughened glass. This ensures safety, stylish looks and durability.

The high-efficiency brass burners are made of pure brass. This ensures that the burners are durable, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. It also ensures even distribution of heat on the pots and pans. Out of three burners, two are small, while one is big in size.

Other Features

Easy to Clean and Maintain– This Sunflame GT Pride gas is designed ins a way that it is easy to clean and maintain it.

Ergonomic Knob Design– These knobs are made up of virgin plastic and smooth and durable. These are easy on fingers and good-looking.

Compact Design– At 68 cm length, this gas stove is slightly smaller than many other 3 burner gas stoves.


  • 2-years warranty
  • 6 mm toughened glass
  • Powder coated metal


  • No notable cons

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Key Features

This gas stove has 3 burners and comes with heat-resistant toughened glass top. Thus, you can keep hot items on this glass without any fear of damaging the glass. We don’t see many gas stoves that can boast of a heat-resistant glass.

Pigeon Favourite 3-burner gas stove comes with ISI certification. This ensures good quality and user safety. Again, not many gas stoves come with ISI certification.

This product is tested for long-lasting performance and its ISI mark along with heat resistant toughened glass makes it quite long lasting and durable.

Other Features

Strong Tubular Legs– Tubular legs ensure firm grip on the kitchen counter so that it does not slip easily.

Pan Support– Decent-sized pan support gives support to pans and pots

User Friendly Knob– Knobs are easy to handle and smooth in functioning. On top of it, they are modern in design.


  • Heat-resistant toughened glass
  • ISI certification
  • Light weight at only 6.8 Kg
  • Brass burners
  • Attractive pricing
  • 2 year warranty


  • No powder coating on the surface

Buying Guide for Gas Stove

Here are the factors you should consider before purchasing a gas stove for your home.

Number of Burners

First thing while considering a gas stove is the number of burners in the stove. Most of the households have 2 burner stoves in India. However, the trend of 3 and 4 burners is fast catching up.

BurnerIdeal family sizeGas consumption
4 Burner Stove5+High
3 Burner Stove4-5Medium
2 Burner Stove2-3Medium
1 Burner Stove1Low

Number of burners depends on family size, affordability and need. This chart shows ideal number of burners according to family size. However, this is not hard & fast, and even smaller families are using 3 and 4 burner gas stoves because they provide more convenience.

Type of Ignition

There are two types of ignition systems- manual ignition, and auto-ignition system.

Auto-ignition system comes with an in-built igniting. As soon as you turn the knob clockwise, the ignition system is activated and gas is sparked automatically. On the other hand, manual ignition system requires you to ignite the gas with the help of a lighter.

Manual Ignition vs Auto Ignition

 Manual IgnitionAuto Ignition
BatteryNot NeededNeeded

Manual is the traditional method of ignition while many latest models of gas stoves and kitchen hobs are equipped with with auto-ignition. Manual ignition are slightly more popular as compared to auto-ignition. You can choose any one of these according to your budget and preferences.

Note: If you buy auto-ignition gas stove, then you will have to change the battery regularly. In some of the gas stoves, we have come across battery leakage issues as well. This does not damage the stove but, the auto-ignition will stop working after this. You will always have a choice to shift to manual mode in that case.

Burner Material

Burner material is an important aspect if you want efficient heat distribution and durability. Burners are majorly of three types- brass, alloy, aluminium.

Brass BurnersBrass is itself an alloy of copper and zinc. It is a good conductor of heat. Thus, it aids in efficient heating. On top of it, the durability and resistance to corrosion is high in this material. Brass burners should always be the first choice for a buyer even though they costlier as compared to other options.

Alloy Burners– There are alloys of brass, alloys of aluminium and other similar allows in the market. This helps the brands to cut cost and bring inexpensive gas stoves for the consumers. The durability and heat efficiency will vary on the type of alloy and the ratio of metals used and are not fixed. As a rule of thumb, brass alloy should be given more preference as compared to aluminum alloy. In any case, you should give these allow-based burners less preference as compared to brass burners.

Aluminum Burners– Aluminum used in some burners because it is also a good conductor of heat. However, it has lower melting point, due to which its lifespan is not as good as brass burners. Pure aluminium burners should be given last preference.


Gas stoves usually come with either steel finish or glass finish. Both of the types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless Steel finish is easy to clean and maintain and it is inexpensive as compared to glass finish. On the other hand, glass finish is requires regular cleaning and maintenance and is more expensive.

Note: Glass finish is considered more modern and if you have chimney in your house, then you glass finish is more preferred. Ideally, black, toughened-glass finish is most sought-after. If the brand does not specify the type of glass then it can mean that is not toughened glass. Regular glass can shatter easily, therefore it should be avoided.


2, 3, and 4 burner gas stoves come in different sizes. The length of gas stoves usually ranges from 57 cm to 73 cm, while the width of the stoves can range from 27 to 57 cm. As you can see there is considerable differences between them. Therefore, you should you should choose gas stove depending upon the available space in your kitchen counter.

Needless to say, larger stoves are typically used in larger kitchens and a smaller home should use a 2 burner stove. You should also keep in mind the space needed to place your food and other items in the kitchen before purchasing.

Anti-Skid Feet

You should ensure that your gas stove comes with anti-skid feet with rubber heels so that you can place your stove on the platform without the fear of skidding. Anti-skid feet also reduces the squeaking noise that other types of stand can make. Good thing is that almost all reputed brands offer gas stoves with anti-skid feet.

Pipe Inlet

You should check the position of gas pipe inlet and see if you will be able to connect your stove comfortably with the cylinder before you buy a gas stove.

Gas Savings

As discussed, more number of burners usually result in higher gas usage. Thus, you can consider purchasing a 2 or 3 burner stove for lower gas usage. Also, an efficient burner is also important for reducing gas wastage. Any burner that gives strong blue-colored flames is always better in term of energy efficiency as compared to burners that do not give strong flames

Spacing Between Burners

The spacing between burners is important when you go for the 3-burner or 4-burner gas stoves. Space between the burners should be enough to place large and small cooking utensils side-by-side.


You should ensure that your gas stove comes with at least 1 year of warranty. Usually, gas stoves come with either 1 year or 2 years of warranty. Many models do not come with a warranty on glass, however there are some models that give you warranty on toughened glass as well.

It’s important to read the warranty details carefully and check which parts are covered and which are excluded. All the reputed gas stove brands have clear warranty details embedded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best gas stove brands in India?

Prestige, Butterfly, Sunflame, Pigeon, Elica, Glen are some of the best gas stove brands in India.

Are glass top gas stoves durable?

Toughened glass top gas stoves are quite durable and long lasting. However, they require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Is glass top gas stove better than steel stoves?

Both type of gas stoves are popular in the market and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Glass top stoves are more expensive and give stylish look to the stove, however they are slightly less durable as compared to steel stoves.

Aluminum burner vs brass burner- which one is better?

Brass burner is more durable because of its high melting point and it ensures even distribution of flames ensuring efficient gas utilization. Aluminum burner can get damaged over time because of its lower melting point. Thus brass burner is better than aluminum burner

Manual ignition vs auto ignition- which one is better?

Both are equally good. Manual ignition is inexpensive but is less convenient, while auto-ignition is expensive and convenient. However, it requires batteries for operation which have to be replaced over time.

What is the difference between a Gas Stove and a Kitchen hob?

Gas stoves and kitchen hobs are very similar in their functioning, however, kitchen hobs are fixed in one place as they are fitted inside the kitchen countertop, while gas stoves can be placed anywhere on your kitchen counter easily. Kitchen hobs consume almost twice the gas as compared to a gas stove. Also, kitchen hobs are considered more modern and are costlier than gas stoves.

Should I buy gas stove online?

You can buy gas stove online. Make sure that you buy it from reputed ecommerce stores so that you get genuine products.

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