Blue Star AC Review [2022]: Is The Indian Brand Any Good?

February 28, 2022 / RefrigeratorPro Team

Blue Star is one of the most successful Indian AC brands which was founded in the year 1943. It is in the refrigeration and cooling industry from its early years of inception. Moreover, It has made a name for itself in central air conditioning space not only in India but few other international destinations as well.

Blue Star AC Review

It has completed AC projects in Parliament, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Hotel Oberoi among other projects. Also, it is said that every third commercial building in our country has at least one Blue Star product. Blue Star has 5 manufacturing facilities and 4500 outlets in India.

Even though it ventured into residential AC (Window / Split AC) business only in 2011, it has quickly risen to be among the top Indian AC brands. Bluestar, along with Voltas, is leading Indian AC brand currently. Blue Star has both window as well as split ACs in its portfolio for residential customers.

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Blue Star AC Review 2021

In this Blue Star AC review, we will cover key technologies along with pros and cons in the end. Let’s get started with its key features.

Precise Cooling Technology and EEV

Blue Star 5 star ACs come with Precision Cooling Technology (PCT). This technology allows users to increase or decrease temperature even by 0.1 degree Celsius. This is different from regular ACs that come with variation of 1 degree.

Sensors used in Blue Star ACs

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) work alongside the sensors to give protect the AC units and to give enhanced user experience.

  • Discharge Line Temperature Sensor to cut of the compressor when discharge temperature exceeds set limit
  • Evaporator coil sensor cuts off compressor if there is any ice formation on the evaporator coil
  • Condenser coil sensor prevents the condenser temperature from rising
  • Ambient sensor detects the outside temperature
  • Room return sensor remembers the settings before power cut

On top of this, Electronic expansion valve (EEV) used in Blue Star ACs controls the flow of refrigerant inside the coils based to the load needed. This further helps in giving precision cooling. It is basically an electronic device that regulates capillary / thermostatic valve.

Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor with BLDC motor

First of all lets understand what is an inverter AC. Inverter ACs have inverter compressors in them unlike regular compressors in non-inverter (Fixed-speed) ACs. This inverter compressor provide efficient cooling by controlling its speed as per the current temperature. It produces less noise and it is veery energy efficient.

Inverter ACs from Blue Star come with dual rotor inverter compressors. This is a high-performance rotor compressor that has two compression chambers. This helps it to operate in a wide range of frequency, resulting in lower fluctuations.

Benefits of dual rotor inverter compressor:

  • It gives faster cooling
  • It produces less noise
  • It is able to run in more s diverse speeds
  • It has long life because it does not switch on and off like regular motors

This functionality of the dual rotor compressor is further enhanced by its BLDC motor to give high rotational speed at less noise levels. Benefits of BLDC motor include higher efficiency, low noise and long life

Thus, these technologies gives faster cooling, long-life and less vibration / noise. Also, most of the Blue Star ACs come with 10 year warranty on inverter compressor.

Automatic 4D Swing

Blue Star’s Automatic 4D swing is multidirectional swing that can blow air in multiple directions. This helps in cooling of the entire room, rather than only specific parts. It is able to achieve this with the help of horizontal and vertical louvers attached to the AC.

The user can also control the direction of the swing for all-round cooling. Also, this system can cool even bigger rooms in less time. This is better than ACs that come with only horizontal swing blades.

All-Season ACs

All-season ACs are the ones that not only can cool the air but they can also heat up the room. This means that they can function as heater in winter season and regular air conditioner in summer season, thus making it an ‘all-season AC’.

Blue Star also comes with all-season ACs. You can use the heat mode feature to heat up the room during winter season. This feature is better than regular heaters because it does not use heating filaments that can cause loss of oxygen. Thus, it can become a good replacement for heaters in home

Air Filtration System

Modern inverter ACs from Blue Star come with 7 filters for effective purification of air.

First is active carbon filter. This filter absorbs organic compounds / gases that produce bad odour. Thus, helping in providing odour-free environment. Second is anti-bacterial filter. This filter uses bactericide that deactivates bacteria such as E. Coli and Staphylococcus known for causing infections and diarrhoea. On top of this, the catechin filter further reduces growth of bacteria. Its Silver ion filter inhibits the growth of fungi, spores and bacteria.

Vitamin C filter reacts with harmful free radicals and eliminate them. This possible because Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant. Its anti-acarian filter removes allergens such as dust mites etc. Finally, dust filter blocks fine dust particles floating in the air

On top of this, high-end inverter ACs from Blue Star are equipped with a cold plasma technology that helps in purification. It generates positive and negative ions of oxygen and hydrogen. These ions react with the bacteria and other agents and form ionic bonds, thus deactivating them. Also, this reaction increases the size of the agents, thus helping them to get trapped in the filters of the AC.

Also, some high-end models come with Blow Clean mode. This runs the indoor blower even after the air conditioner is switched off, thus helping in keeping the coils in the indoor unit dry. This inhibits mould and dust accumulation.

iFeel Technology for Comfortable and Faster Cooling

When you switch on a regular AC, it will start cooling either the entire room or if you set the swing in your direction , it will direct the air towards you. iFeel technology goes one step further and it detects your location and blows cool air directly towards you so that you can get instant cool air. It is able to achieve this with the help of sensors inside the remote control that communicate with the AC. This sensor signals its location to the AC unit. The AC unit detects the temperature around the remote control and

It redirects the air flow at the optimum temperature towards the remote control. So, if you have the remote control in your hand or near you, it will throw cool air towards you.

Modes of Operation

Here are the key running modes present in high-end Blue Star ACs.

Turbo Mode: When this mode is switched on, the fan starts to run at maximum speed. This allows the AC to reach the desired temperature in short span of time.

Auto Mode: This allows the AC to select right amount of cooling by auto-setting the temperature based on sensor inputs

Dry Mode: This mode removes moister from air. It can be especially useful during monsoon seasons when humidity increases in many parts of India.

Smartphone Connectivity & Control

High-end Blue Star ACs come with smartphone connectivity option so that you can control the AC and its setting with the help of your smartphone. This can be useful if you don’t want to use remote control for control to modify the settings. All you have to do is install the Blue Star AC smartphone app and pair it with the AC unit. Its quick and hassle-free way of adjusting the settings of Blue Star AC.

Copper Condenser with Anti-Corrosive Blue Fin

High-end Blue Star ACs use condensers made of 100% Copper. This is better than Aluminium because they are highly durable, give better performance and are easier to maintain.

Also, evaporator coils tend to accumulate water on the outside. This attracts dust particles thus reducing the overall life and efficiency of the coil. Blue Str coils come with Hydrophilic Blue Fin condenser that do not let water to accumulate and it is also resistant to corrosion.


Blue Star ACs come with ‘Self-diagnosis’ feature that alerts the user in case of any fault or problem in the AC. The diagnostic feature automatically displays the error code that you can share with the customer care representative for speedy and hassle-free resolution.

In-Built Protection Mechanism

Blue Star ACs come with features for ensuring long life of its indoor and outdoor units. Below are the features incorporated in Blue Star ACs for enhanced durability.

Many times in ACs, when the AC is set at low temperature, frost forms in the heat exchanger. Blue Star ACs come with anti-freeze thermostat on the indoor coil stops the compressor, thus protecting the unit.

To protect the outdoor unit, they have used galvanized steel which are coated with polyester powder paint for long life and durability.

Many ACs are equipped with metal cover on top of the PCB. This prevents electronic components from overheating.


Blue Star ACs come with both types of refrigerants- R32 and R410A. They were earlier using only 410A, but now they have also started using new-age R32 refrigerants. This is good because R32 is more efficient and better for the environment as it lower global warming potential.

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Easy Cleaning

Blue Star ACs come with easily detachable front panel. This means that you do not need a service technician for basic cleaning of some of the hidden parts in the indoor unit

Pros and Cons of Blue Star Air Conditioners

Blue Star entered in residential AC business in only 2011 and it has quickly grown into a large brand of room ACs in India. In fact Blue Star is one of the largest after sales AC service providers in India. After-sales network is one of the very important features that a user should look for before purchasing an AC.

Moreover, since it manufactures ACs India itself, it is more or less immune to global market fluctuations. Such as when Government of India banned import of ACs, it effected many large international AC brands that used to import ACs though FTA route. But Indian brands such as Blue Star, Voltas, Lloyd etc. were not affected with this restriction.

Blue Star offers a wide range of residential air conditioners. They have multiple models even in almost every major variation type of AC. This gives users ample choice to choose from. Their models range from 0.75 ton to 4.5 ton ACs that come 2-star and 3-star and 5-star variants. They also invest good amount of their profits in R&D and have multiple labs dedicated for research on air conditioning.

Also, they were quick to adapt R410A when R22 was phased out and they have shown willingness to innovate by making ACs with R32 refrigerant. Producing ACs with R32 refrigerant requires different type technology setup as compared to R410A. This is laudable, keeping in mind that still many international brands have not switched to R32 refrigerant, which is touted as refrigerant of the future by some.

Talking about cons, Blue Star ACs, some of the ACs come with MCHX condenser, which may not be as good as copper condenser in terms of durability and efficiency.

Best-Selling Blue Star AC

Blue Star 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC – IC309RBTU


Blue Star is one of largest central air cooling provider in the country with experience of more than 50 years in air conditioning business. It is also one of the largest after-sales AC service provider in India, which means that you will not have to worry about regular maintenance and repair in case of any issues with the AC.

Its AC brands come with multiple sensors for safety and enhanced user experience, rotary inverter and BLDC motor for energy efficient and low-noise operation, 4D airflow for all-round cooling, smart features that reduce manual intervention, additional safety features of the AC components to increase the life of indoor and outdoor AC units, multi-filtration technology to provide purified air, smartphone connectivity for convenient usage among other features.

On top of this, they have more than 100 models of room ACs, which gives enough choice to the consumer to choose from this wide range of products. Thus, if you are looking for an AC that you can use without worrying about servicing, technology, lifespan etc. then you can go with Blue Star AC.  

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