Buyers’ Guide for Refrigerators in India

Last Updated on March 2nd, 2021 by RefrigeratorPro Team

There are plenty of refrigerators in the market. Deciding on buying a good refrigerator that suits your needs under your budget is not easy. We understand this and therefore we have created this Buyers’ Guide for Refrigerators

Your choice of refrigerator will depend on variety of factors, essentially capacity of the refrigerator, energy efficiency, inclinations of family members and most importantly, budget.

However 3 most important factors that you need to consider when buying a refrigerator are – 1. Type 2. Capacity and 3. Energy Rating

All three criteria are extremely important, dive in to know more.

Buyers’ Guide for Refrigerators in India

1) Type & Capacity : Refrigerators can be of various types. Single door, double door, triple door and side-by-side door. Each of them has its own pros and cons

Types of Refrigerators and their differences

Single door refrigerators are usually smaller in size. A single door refrigerator usually holds around 200-250 litres and is most suitable for a single person or couple without children. They can cost anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000

Double door refrigerator has capacity of 250-300 litres. They are ideal for an average nuclear family (3-5 members). They are priced around 20,000 INR – 25,000 INR 

Triple door refrigerator a big sized double door refrigerator is ideal for a with 6-8 members. It is priced at 25,000 to 35,000 and has a capacity of 280- 500 Litres.

Individuals having even a larger number of users can opt for a French four door or side by side door refrigerator which will cost anywhere between 45,000 to 1 Lac. For more information click here

2) Energy Star Rating : BEE star rating is a mandatory rating system by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. High energy rating means the appliance uses power efficiently.

With 5 being maximum rating and 1 being lowest. 5 star rating means power consumption will lowest in its category.

Our in-house research team conducted thorough testing and we found that on an average 5 and 4 star rater refrigerators saves 1500 / year in electricity bills

BEE Star Rating With Saving Per Year

Buyers’ guide for Refrigerator covered 3 most important factors to consider before making a buying decision.

Few More Key Features

3) Inverter Compressor Technology

Do you remember hearing the ‘on’ and ‘off’ sound of fridge? That’s compressor in action.

A compressor slows down cooling when it senses that temperature reduces to certain level and similarly increases cooling speed when temperature increases to certain level. In simple words it regulates cooling.

Regular compressors are not very efficient in maintaining cooling. Inverter compressors is an improvement on regular compressors and it regulates the temperature in much more efficient way.

What are the benefits of Inverter Technology?

  • You can save electricity by upto 20-40%
  • These refrigerators product less noise
  • Longer cooling even during power outages

4) Defrosting Technology

There are primarily two types of freezer defrosting types- Manual defrosting and Auto defrosting.

Manual defrosting:

  • It relies on the user of the refrigerator to defrost the freezer and remove excess frost from it.
  • It is time-intensive but uses less energy and is more energy-efficient.
  • Refrigerators consisting of direct cool technology that requires manual defrosting costs lesser than frost-free refrigerators that have automatic defrosting.

Automatic defrosting:

  • It involves automatic periodic on and off of the heating elements of the freezer to prevent the build-up of ice.
  • Automatic defrosting is fast and does not need physical interference.
  • However, it is not as energy-efficient as manual defrosting and makes comparatively a bit more noise than it.

Other Features to be kept in mind

6) Finishing

Stainless steel finish refrigerators are most popular ones. Beside being sturdy and powerful, it goes with most types of home decor.

Other popular color is white. Therefore most fridges are either stainless steel finish or classic white finish.

Many up and coming households, prefer buying stainless steel with matte finish. They are fingerprint-resistant and goes well with modern home decor.

If you don’t want go with customary grey or white stainless steel, you can try black stainless steel with a dim polymer covering. It is easier to clean as well.

7) Handle Style

The handle of a fridge can be one of he deciding factors for some. On the off chance that you are among them realize that there are regularly two kinds of cooler handles.

One is the European style, smooth, and ergonomically planned, and the other is a star handle, straight and finished.

While a few fridges may have both handle style choices, others will be accessible just one of them.

7) Noise Level

Each fridge makes some degree of noise. Notwithstanding, some are calmer and quiet while others are produce more sound. As mentioned above, refrigerators with Inverter Technology produce less sound.

Which is the best refrigerator brand in India?

Now you know what are the key things to be kept in mind while buying refrigerator. Here is the list of best refrigerator brands in India to help you further in your buying decision.

LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier are top Refrigerator brands in India


LG is South Korean brand. It is one of the best brands when it comes for value for money. All popular type fo refrigerators are produced by LG and has relatively decent customer support. It is quite popular among Indians looking for medium range of refrigerators.

Best LG refrigerator

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL, Shiny Steel, Smart Inverter Compressor)

LG is a leader in India’s refrigerator market. No wonder we bring you LG refrigerator. LG GL-I292RPZL comes in elegant design and shiny steel finish. It also has a special smart diagnostics feature that helps in quick detection of issues. This reduces your dependance on service technician in case of any malfunctioning. So, if you live in areas difficult to access, you can consider buying this product.

  • Capacity: It has a capacity of 260 L, which is decent for a mid-sized family
  • Cooling: Ice beam door cooling system (frost free)
  • Energy consumption: It consumes less energy at 194 Kilowatt Hours
  • Warranty: It comes with 1 years of warranty on entire washing machine (product) and 10 years of warranty on motor (compressor)
  • Stabilizer: It gives stabilizer-free operation and an optimum range of 100 V to 310 V
  • Door Type: Double Door

Here are its key features.

  • Smart inverter compressor: This is a special inverter compressor from LG It is energy efficient and is more durable. From customer reviews, we have found that it produces less noise as well.
  • Ice Beam Door Cooling: This technology ensures even cooling throughout the fridge. This is achieved with the help of cooling air vents that are situated after every few inches. These vents ensure multi air flow cooling
  • Smart Diagnosis: This is a special feature to troubleshoot your fridge in case of any issues with your refrigerator. In case of any issue, you have to call the customer case helpline and place the phone on top of the refrigerator. This will give all the diagnostics data to your agent automatically so that the agent can find out the exact issue and give you a fix for it.
  • Auto-Smart Connect: This technology connects your fridge with the home inverter.
  • Moist balance crisper:The vegetable box (crisper) comes with moisture control tech. This helps ensure optimum moisture inside the crisper so that the vegetable will get longer life.


  • Smart inverter compressor for efficient and noise-free operation
  • Smart diagnostics for easy resolution of issues
  • It is energy efficient
  • It connects directly with the inverter in case of power failure
  • It can withstand good amount of voltage fluctuation


  • No major cons


This is another South Korean giant known for its superior technology. It is a leader in variety of refrigerator segments. This brand is known for decent feature-packed and modern looking refrigerators. They may be higher priced in some refrigerator segments.

Best Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung 253L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3483S8/HL, Elegant Inox)

Samsung RT28T3483S8/HL refrigerator is one of the best selling refrigerators in 2021. It as popular because it comes with almost all the features of a double door refrigerator at attractive pricing.

  • Capacity: It has a capacity of 253 L, which is decent for a mid-sized family
  • Cooling: Frost-free cooling with direct inverter compressor
  • Energy consumption: It consumes less energy at 193 Kilowatt Hours
  • Warranty: It comes with 1 years of warranty on entire washing machine (product) and 10 years of warranty on motor (compressor)
  • Stabilizer: It gives stabilizer-free operation and a range of 100 V to 300 V
  • Door Type: Double Door

It comes with big door shelf to prevent bigger bottles from slipping. All the shelves are made up of toughened glass, ensuring they remain scratch-free. It also has a LED light that saves energy and gives more brightness.

  • Digital Inverter Technology: Digital inverter technology gives decent energy efficiency because it adjusts the speed of the compressor regularly. It also produces less noise.
  • Smart Connect Inverter: This technology connects the refrigerator with your home inverter during power cut. It also comes with a cool pack inside the freezer. It ensures that food remains cool for 12 hours in during power failures.
  • All round Cooling: Multiple shelfs on every level ensure that cooling takes placed uniformly
  • Cool Wall: During power outages, cool pack / cool wall ensures that food remains frozen for upto 12 our after power cut.
  • Deodorizer: These are activated carbon filters that absorb strong odour and help preserving original flavour of food.
  • Digital Display: It features a modern design digital display that you can use to adjust temperature. It also has an indicator to alert you if the door is accidentally kept open for some time. It starts blinking along with buzzing sound to alert you.


  • It is energy efficient
  • It gives super-fast cooling
  • It comes with smart and modern digital display
  • It has cool wall feature to ensure long cooling during power cuts
  • It has a pleasing design


  • No major cons


Whirlpool is a US based multinational and one of the world’s largest home appliance maker. While Whirlpool is a household name for washing machine, it is catching up with LG and Samsung in Refrigerator segment.

Best Whirlpool Refrigerator

Whirlpool 265 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S, German Steel, Convertible)

Whirlpool INTELLIFRESH INV CNV 278 3S refrigerator closely follow LG 260 and is another popular double door refrigerator in 2021. It has plenty of advanced features. Its artificial intelligence-based adaptive intelligence cooling provides excellent cooling. It has features to block bacterial growth and excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables.

  • Capacity: It has a capacity of 265 L, which is decent for a mid-sized family
  • Cooling: Intelligent cooling. (Frost free)
  • Energy consumption: It consumes less energy at 194 Kilowatt Hours
  • Warranty: It comes with 1 years of warranty on entire washing machine (product) and 10 years of warranty on motor (compressor)
  • Stabilizer: It gives stabilizer-free operation and a range of 130 V to 300 V
  • Door Type: Double Door

This machine comes with moisture lockin feature to ensure long life of your grocery. It also features auto-connect to home inverter that automatically connects the fridge to your inverter then power fails.

Whirlpool 265 L 4 Star refrigerator gives upto 15 days of freshness. This is achieved with help of several technologies such as zeolite, microblock, freshflow technologies.

  • Adaptive intelligence: It comes with intellisense inverter technology. This is a system of 3 sensors and 1 microprocessor. Sensors collect data on power load, weather and usage pattern. This data is then fed to artificial intelligence based microprocesso for analysis. Based on the analysis of this input, the compressor increases or decreases cooling real time. This unique technology helps in efficient cooling.
  • Zeolite technology: This technology prevents fruits from getting extra-ripe. It achieves this by absorbing ethylene emission from fruits that reduces their sugar content.
  • Microblock technology: This technology prevents growth of bacteria by upto 99%
  • Freshflow air tower: This air tower comes with numerous small vents. These vents  are place in a manner that that they ensure optimum air flow. This ensures optimum cooling in all the directions.
  • Freshonizer: This anti-bacterial filter is placed inside the vegetable box to reduce oxidation of fruits and vegetables.


  • It comes with adaptive, intelligent cooling
  • I has various technologies to ensure freshness of the grocery
  • It is quire energy efficient
  • It also has technologies for prevention of growth of bacteria and for prevention of excessive ripening of fruits


  • No major cons


Haier group acquired part of US major GE and got into home appliances business. Since then they have made a mark in entry to mid level segment of refrigerators. They are therefore known for less priced yet durable fridges.

Best Haier Refrigerator

HAIER 181 Liter Single Door Refrigerator

Haier is one of the top brands in refrigerators in India and it is known for producing durable refrigerators at affordable pricing. Haier 181 is one of the most popular refrigerators from this brand.

Haier HED-1812BKS-E is a durable refrigerator that will work for long time. It comes with thicker insulation foam that gives powerful insulation, ensuring strong cooling. Moreover this fridge comes at an attractive pricing. Thus this refrigerator is value for money

  • Capacity: 181 L capacity is ideal for a bachelors and very small families
  • Cooling: It is a direct cool refrigerator with diamond edge freezing tech
  • Energy Consumption: It consumes slightly higher energy of 210 per year
  • Warranty: 10 years of warranty on compressor while 1 year warranty on product
  • Stabilizer: Stabilizer-free operation (voltage 135V)
  • Door type: Single Door

This refrigerator has a kitchen friendly design and comes in ‘Black Brushline’ colour. This is quite preferred type of colour in homes these days. Here are its key features.

  • Compressor: This refrigerator comes with reciprocatory Compressor. This compressor requires lesser maintenance than other types of compressor, thus helps in saving costs. They are also efficient and have decent life.
  • PUF: (Polyurethane rigid foam) Foam in this refrigerator is thicker than regular foams in other refrigerator. This ensures better insulation and thus stronger cooling.
  • Toughened glass shelves: Toughened glass are in fashion these days and are known for their durability. They can support heavy pots and utensils.
  • Door lock: It come with a door lock that you can use when you are out of town
  • Antifungal gasket: This gasket prevents any growth of fungus inside it


  • Powerful cooling
  • Value for money
  • Long life
  • Made of steel


  • Energy rating of 2 is slightly less