Cradle Wash Program: In Detail + Guide

October 30, 2021 / RefrigeratorPro Team

If you have landed here, then chances are that you are considering purchasing a washing machine for your home.

Cradle wash is an interesting and useful feature in front load washing machines. Hence, we bring you this post so that you can understand everything about this setting and make an informed buying decision.

cradle wash

In this post, we will understand all the key features of this mode and its benefits.

So, let’s dive in without further wait.

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What is Cradle Wash?

Cradle wash mode is quite common in IFB washing machines. This term ‘cradle wash’ is developed and copyrighted by the brand.

This mode is named after cradle- a small bed for a baby that can be moved from side to side. This is because that’s very similar to gentle motion of the drum to wash clothes in this mode.

As you would have guessed, this wash mode is ideal for delicate clothes. Hence, cradle wash is a mode that is used to wash delicate clothes effectively without damaging the fabric. It is slightly similar to ‘delicate wash’ mode in present in other washing machines.

The motion of the drum is quite similar to the cradle. Which means that the drum goes halfway and then returns backward to create a cradle-style motion. In simple words, the drum performs half-clockwise and half-anticlockwise motion.

Now, if you are wondering what type of clothes should be washed in cradle wash, then don’t worry, we have listed them down for you.

As discussed, cradle wash is ideal for delicate clothes. Hence, following types of fabric can be washed in this mode:

  • Baby Clothes
  • Lace
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Lingerie
  • Hosiery
  • Delicate Synthetics

How Does Cradle Wash Work?

As soon as you start the cradle wash cycle, there are few settings that get loaded onto the washing machine.

1. Rise in Water Level

For cradle motion to be effective, the drum must be filled with water till the clothes get submerged in the water. This ensures that the clothes float and glide inside water without much contact with the drum when the ‘cradle’ starts.

2. Slow Rotation of Drum During Wash Cycle

Cradle wash program runs that drum at low speed of only 35 RPM (rotations per minute) in gentle sway motion. This ensures that the clothes remain damage free.

3. Slow Rotation of Drum During Spin Cycle

This wash program runs that spin cycle at a low 400 RPM. This is quote low as compared to regular spin cycle, which usually runs at a speed of 1200 – 1400 RPM maximum speed. Sure, the clothes will not be as dry as regular mode, but the life of clothes will get enhanced to a decent degree.

Benefits of Cradle Wash Technology

Cradle wash comes with its own benefits. Let’s see what these advantages are.

  • Long Life of Clothes: It’s not hard to understand why this is more fabric-friendly wash cycle.
  • Low Power Consumption: Slow wash and spin cycles ensure that the power consumed during this mode is quite low.
  • Efficient Stain Removal: This mode ensures efficient stain removal by mixing the detergent effectively in the water.
  • Low Noise Operation: Slow cycles means low vibrations, which lead to lower noise.

Who Should Consider Cradle Wash?

Cradle Wash is ideal for parents of young babies. This is because clothes of a newly born babies are soft and delicate. Such clothes require effective cleaning while maintaining the fabric. Hence, it’s a decent option for new parents.

On top of this, if you are looking for a washing machine that can reliably wash all the delicates without reducing the life of clothes, then you should look for one with cradle wash mode or delicate mode depending upon the brand.

Should You go for Cradle Wash Feature?

Cradle wash is a great feature for washing clothes that can get torn easily. This means that if your machine does not have this or similar setting, then you will have to wash delicate clothes with hands. Hence, this mode brings more convenience.

However, cradle wash feature is mostly available in front load washing machines. This means that you will have to spend more money because front load washing machines are costlier than other types of washing machines. Hence if price is a concern, then you can opt for other options.

Best Washing Machine with Cradle Wash

Since this mode is reserved by IFB washing machine, you will have to buy an IFB washing machine to utilize this feature. Here is the most popular and best washing machine with cradle wash program.


Cradle wash is a decent setting to have in your washing machine. However, since this is a copyright of IFB, you will have to purchase an IFB machine to use this mode. Hence, if you are interested in purchasing other washing machine with similar feature, make sure to check for ‘delicate’ mode in your machine before purchase. This is because delicate mode is a close variant of cradle wash.


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