Ecobubble Technology: Is It Worth It? Complete Guide

October 30, 2021 / RefrigeratorPro Team

Samsung is one of the most sought-after washing machine brands in the country. If you are planning to purchase a high-end washing machine then Samsung can be a great choice.

If you are searching for Samsung washing machines, then you might have come across this term Ecobubble wash. In this post, we will answer all your questions about this technology.

What is this technology? What are its pros and cons? Do other washing machines have similar technology? When should you consider this technology? We will answer these questions in this post.

Ecobubble Technology

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What is Ecobubble Wash Technology?

It is no secret that bubbles and foam result in efficient cleaning. This is one of the reasons why detergents come with a foaming agent. But what if you could increase the amount of bubbles during the washing process? Samsung did just that and the results are worth mentioning.

Samsung’s Ecobubble technology uses a bubble generator to inject air while dissolving detergent into the water to produce a rich soapy foam cushion.

This process results in better mixing of detergent into the water and faster penetration into clothes. This gives effective cleaning even in cold water, thus using only 30% energy.

Benefits of Ecobubble Wash

It gives efficient cleaning without damaging the fabric. This is possible because the bubbles and foam create a sort of ‘cushion’ for clothes, which prevents small wear and tear of laundry. This improves the overall life of your laundry.

The Super Eco Wash program washes the clothes at just 15°C, which is equivalent to washing clothes at 40°C. This saves a good amount of energy. On top of this, it also prevents damage of clothes from hot water.

This technology allows the washing of clothes in a lesser amount of detergent because it mixes the detergent effectively in water even if it is in a small amount. Hence, it helps in saving soap/detergent. You can use half the amount of detergent and fabric softener while washing in this mode.

This technology is perfect for delicates clothes such as lingerie, designer clothes and expensive clothes.

Most washing machines with Ecobubble wash technology come with Bubble Soak technology that soaks the laundry in foam-filled water so that you can remove tougher stains.

Since this technology is present in Samsung washing machines with inverter motor, the machine produces less noise, lasts long and is energy efficient even in the long run.

Limitations of Ecobubble Wash

The main disadvantage of this technology is that washing machines with this technology are expensive as compared to regular Samsung washing machines.

This technology is only available in fully automatic Samsung washing machines. Hence if you are planning to buy a semi automatic washing machine, then you will not be able to get this feature.

Do Other Washing Machines Have Similar Technology?

Samsung is the first washing machine brand to offer a technology that generates special bubbles to enhance washing. Over the years only Panasonic has come up with somewhat similar wash technology for cleaning. Panasonic’s technology is called Active Foam. Even though this technology is not completely identical, it comes closer to Ecobubble technology than any other technology in washing machines.

To be fair, no washing machine brand has come up with exactly similar technology.

How Expensive are Washing Machines with Ecobubble Wash Technology?

Samsung washing machines with Ecobubble wash technology are at least 4,000 – 6,000 rupees expensive as compared to ones without it. One reason for this is that most Ecobubble was washing machines come with inverter motor, which is expensive as compared to regular motor.

Starting price of washing machines with Ecobubble technology is between Rs 28,000 to Rs 29,000.

When Should You Consider this Washing Machine?

The biggest benefit of Ecobubble technology is that it gives effective wash even at low temperatures. This feature is really helpful when you have to wash hard stains on expensive and delicate clothes. This is because even though hot water gives better wash, it can damage clothes resulting in shrinking and denaturing of cloth fabric.

The Ecobubble technology can remove tough stains at low temperature. This prevents damage to clothes. On top of this, because it does not require hot water for washing, it reduces energy consumption. This is because a washing machine running on a heater can consume upto 3 times more energy as compared to one without hot water. Hence, this mode is great for reducing energy consumption.

Moreover, these washing machines come with an inverter motor, which lasts long and come with a motor warranty of more than or equal to 10 years. This ensures that the washing machine can be used for many years and makes it perfect for use in the long run.

Hence, if you want to enhance the life of your expensive/delicate laundry and are looking for a washing machine that can be a good investment especially in the long run, then this washing machine is ideal for you.

When Not to Consider this Washing Machine?

Ecobubble is a premium feature and comes with high-end Samsung washing machines. If you have less number of expensive/delicate clothes or you plan to wash delicate clothes by hands then you do not need Ecobubble technology.


Samsung brought Ecobubble wash technology into the market more than 10 years back and it is still present in its premium washing machines. Recently Samsung has added artificial intelligence on top of this technology to help you personalize your wash cycles according to your usage patterns.

All these enhancements have made this technology one of the best when it comes to premium washing machines. If you are looking for a high-end washing machine with top features, then you can consider this washing machine.

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