Haier Refrigerator Review [2022] + Pros & Cons

February 28, 2022 / RefrigeratorPro Team

Haier is one of the few Chinese appliance manufacturers that has made a name for itself not only in India but also in Europe and North America. In fact, Haier is the world’s largest consumer durables manufacturer. Haier was established in India in the year 2004. Since then, Haier has become one of the most sought-after brands in India. It is among top four home appliance brands in India along with LG, Samsung and Whirlpool in terms of sales.

Haier Refrigerator Review
Haier Refrigerator Review

Haier is one of the few brands that come with entire range of refrigerators from smaller 50 liter refrigerators to large 700+ liter, side-by-side refrigerators. Haier has following refrigerators in its portfolio- Mini bar, single door refrigerator,  double door refrigerator, bottom mounted refrigerator, french door refrigerator, side-by-side refrigerator.

On top of this, Haier India has a wide portfolio of commercial refrigerators as well. As far as bottom mounted refrigerators are concerned, Haier has highest market share of  whopping 70% in India. Haier has made good amount of investment in India. Bolstering the Make in India campaign, Haier has 2 plants in India – one is in Pune and other one is situated in Greater Noida.

This is one of the reasons why almost every couple of years Haier launches entirely new range of refrigerators in India. For example, in 2021, Haier launched largest range of 5-star direct cool refrigerators with inverter technology. 14 direct cool inverter refrigerators included glass edition, floral edition and plain variants.

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Haier Refrigerator Reviews

Let us discuss key technologies used in Haier refrigerators.

Haier 8 in 1 Convertible Refrigerator

Convertible refrigerator allows the users to control the functioning of freezer and fridge space in the refrigerator. Most of the times users use it to convert the freezer into regular fridge. This gives more space for regular cooling when you are not using the freezer space much. Refrigerator brands in India such as Samsung, Whirlpool, LG come with convertible feature. Although, Samsung’s 5-in-1 convertible refrigerator is one of the best convertible refrigerators in India right now, Haier is another brand that brings true convertibility feature with its refrigerators.

Following are the 8 modes of Haier convertible refrigerator.

  • Normal mode: As the name suggests, in this mode, the freezer works as a chiller and the fridge performs regular cooling.
  • Veg mode: In this mode, the freezer get converted into regular fridge. This increases the cooling capacity of the fridge. This is the most commonly used and useful mode in convertible refrigerators
  • Freezer mode: In this mode, the regular fridge is turned off and only the freezer is switched on.
  • Home alone mode: With this mode, you can turn off the freezer. You can use it when you don’t intend to use the freezer, thus helping in lower electricity bills.
  • Vacation mode: In this mode, the freezer gets converted into regular refrigerator and the refrigerator part gets turned off. Since, this mode uses quite less power, this mode can be turned on before going out for a vacation.
  • Surprise party mode: This mode is called surprise part mode because it is a useful mode in emergencies. This mode increases the freezing speed to maximum capacity, while the fridge gives regular cooling. This gives faster refrigeration that can be used for making ice faster, cooling beverages in short time etc.
  • Summer mode: This mode is opposite of surprise party mode. It allows the regular fridge to run at maximum capacity, while the freezer runs at regular capacity. You can use this during hotter days to give efficient cooling.
  • Swift chill mode: This is the last but most powerful mode of all the modes. This mode allows the freezer as well as the fridge to run at maximum capacities.

Magic Convertible

Magic convertible feature gives an option to change the cooling temperature of the inside the fridge from minus 24 °C to 5 °C. You can use different options based on your preferences and needs.

Following are the range of temperature options available:

  • Minus 24 °C: The freezer runs at maximum capacity. It is also called Turbo Icing feature and can be used to freeze ice in very short time.
  • Minus 12 °C: This is energy saving mode which can be used to preserve ice cream, chocolate etc. This is similar to regular freezers.
  • 0 °C: This temperature option can be used to cooling beverages.
  • 2 °C:  2 °C is the ideal temperature for preserving curd and milk.
  • 5 °C: 5 degree is best suited for preserving fruits and vegetables without harming them.

Turbo Icing Technology

This technology runs the freezer at maximum capacity to freeze ice in very short time. Thus, you can use it to freeze ice when you are short of time, such as when you have guests at home. This technology is able to freeze ice in only 49 minutes.

Refrigeration Technology for Power Cuts

Haier has come up with technologies that can be very helpful for countries like India where power supply can be erratic, especially during summers. Haier refrigerators come with two technologies to help retain cool temperature even during longer power cuts. These technologies are cool pad and diamond edge technology.

Cool pad is a shelf made up of cooling gel- Glycogel. This gel helps the shelf remain cool for longer time. So, during power cuts, this gel helps in slowing down the melting process. This technology can keep food frozen for as much as 10 hours.

On top of this, inner edges of the refrigerator are made of unique diamond edge design. This design further helps keeping the temperature low during power cuts by keeping the air inside cool for longer time. Thus, these two technologies will be quite helpful in areas that witness constant power cuts

Customizable ‘My Zone’ Drawer

One of the exciting technologies developed by Haier is the My Zone Drawer. Many side-by-side Haier refrigerators come with a large drawer- My Zone Drawer. This drawer is situated at the bottom and it comes with 3 different modes. .

  • Chiller: As soon as you set up this mode, the temperature of the compartment is set to zero degrees. In short, this mode converts the drawer into a freezer.
  • Q-Cool: This mode sets the temperature of the compartment in such a way that you can chill beverages and fresh food quickly.
  • D–Frost: As the name suggests, this mode defrosts the frozen food slowly so that there is no buildup of moisture.

To enable these modes, you do not need to open the door since mode button is situated on the front door’ LCG panel. This makes it convenient to use.

Luxury Home Bar to Dispense Ice and Water

Like many other high-end refrigerators, premium Haier refrigerators come with water dispenser attached to the door of the fridge. This dispenser gives out cold water at the press of a button. This is made possible with the help of a water tank inside the refrigerator that stores cool water. This dispenser also brings out ice-cubes or crushed ice based on the need. This is made possible with the help of freezer section that is connected with the dispenser.

Smart Features

Smart refrigerators are side-by-side refrigerators that come with Android operating system to run the refrigerator and use its advanced features. Some of the exciting features of this technology are as follows:

  • Large LCD touch screen: The large screen on the door of the fridge looks like a large Android phone. If you are an Android user, you will find it quite easy to operate from day one. This screen comes with human induction sensors, that detects human presence and automatically lights up the display, so that the user can start using it right-away.
  • Audio & Video: The refrigerators comes with high quality built-in speaker. Thus, you can play videos / songs of your choice as and when you want.
  • Online Recipes: You can browse various recipes by connecting to the internet. It also comes with virtual chefs to help you in your cooking.
  • Online Shopping: Again, since this is an Android based device and basically mimics an Android phone, you can do online shopping just like how one can buy stuff with the help of a phone.
  • Smart Interaction: You can connect this refrigerator to your phone as well  to control cooling, play videos etc.

Humidity Control System

Many refrigerators come with a humidity controller slider in the crisper of refrigerators. The Humidity Control System goes one step ahead of regular humidity controllers. This system is present in dual drawer systems where one drawer is present inside the crisper (vegetable box). It consists of a filter that is attached to dual drawer inside the crisper to regulate the humidity level inside the dual drawer. The HCS indicator on the display panel illuminates when it is time to replace the filters. This helps the users to keep food fresh from wrinkling or getting stale because of moisture imbalance.

Child Lock and Door Alarm to Safeguard the Refrigerator from Frisky Kids

Child Lock feature in Haier refrigerators locks the control panel so to avoid any accidental changes in the settings. This can come in handy if you kids at home who like to tinker with appliances. On top of this, many Haier refrigerators come with door alarm that alerts the users if the refrigerator door remains open for longer duration. These two features ,therefore, work as additional safeguards to protect your fridge from accidental damages.

Fuzzy Logic with Holiday Function to Save Energy

High-end Haier refrigerators come with fuzzy logic. This mode can be used when you do not want to manually setup the internal temperature.

With the press of a button, the fuzzy logic mode regulates the temperature of the refrigerator automatically. The sensors inside the fridge detect the current temperature and adjust it as per the amount of food present in the fridge. Thus, if the refrigerator has more food it will increase the cooling automatically for proper preservation.

It also comes with another useful feature- Holiday function. As the name suggests, this feature s perfect when going for a holiday. With this feature, the refrigerator is on, but the internal temperature is 17°C and the freezer is also on. This ensures that the fridge runs continuously, consuming less energy. This ensures that when you come back from the holiday, there is no unpleasant odour, and the food is fresh, apart from lower electricity consumption.

Twin Inverter Compressor with Powerful Dual Fan

Haier India has invested significantly in inverter refrigerators. It keeps on bringing new inverter refrigerator models regularly. Inverter refrigerators are different from regular refrigerators as they help in saving energy and they also produce lower noise.

Compressor are responsible for cooling of the fridge as are the engine of any refrigerator. Thus, compressor technology directly effects the working of a refrigerator. Regular refrigerators use fixed speed motors. Basically, as soon as you turn the refrigerator on, the compressor will run at full speed to reach the desired temperature. After this the compressor stops and lets the temperature go up and then after some time when the temperature increases, it the compressor starts again to decrease the temperature. This cycle continues. This is not an efficient process since the motor switches ‘on’ and ‘off’ continuously, which results in slight temperature fluctuation. This process also takes up more energy.

Inverter compressors do not run as fixed spend, instead they run at variable speed and regulate the temperature as pe the current load. This leads to more efficient and energy efficient cooling.

Haier inverter refrigerators come with twin inverters or triple inverters. Twin inverter technology usually comes with fans that distribute the cool air inside the refrigerators in very less time. The twin inverter compressor and the fan motor both run at DC current and cause less fluctuation. This helps in noise reduction. Also, this process is quite energy efficient.

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User-friendly Crisper and Toughened Glass Shelves

Crispers (vegetable box) in premium Haier refrigerators are around 50% larger than conventional refrigerators. On top of this, these crispers come with 90 degree contour door design. Because of this design, you can remove the crisper even without completely opening  the door of the refrigerator.

Also, most of the Haier refrigerators come with toughened glass shelves, which are quite sturdy and can withstand heavier load without breaking. Moreover, these glass shelves have solid borders that prevents liquid from flowing out of the shelves in case of accidental spillage.

Copper Coils

Coils has two part- Evaporator and condenser. Evaporator coil helps in cooling the fridge by heat absorption, while condenser coil helps in releasing this absorbed heat. Most of the Haier refrigerators come with copper coils with aluminum fins. These coils have good thermal conductivity, resulting in better cooling and they are also more durable, thus ensuring long life.

Triple Cooling System

High-end Haier refrigerators come with Triple Cooling System that comes with three fans that enhance the cooling and optimize the temperature modes.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Almost all the Haier refrigerators come with inbuilt stabilizers. Even the Mini Bar refrigerator offered by Haier comes with stabilizer free operation. This is especially useful feature in a country like India where any areas witness voltage fluctuations during summers.

The inbuilt stabilizers can work well within a decent voltage range of 135V to 290V. On top of this, if the input voltage exceeds 290 volts or any other permissible limit, then the refrigerator shuts down automatically to prevent it from any damages.

Removable Anti-Fungal Gasket

A gasket is an insulation strip that is attached to the edge of the refrigerator. This gasket helps in retain cooling inside the refrigerator by preventing the cool air to escape. It also prevents the outside air from entering inside. Due to this chances of fungus build-up in the gasket are very less. On top of this, Haier has made further innovation in it by making it detachable. You can remove the gasket for easy cleaning and attach it back without much hassle. This, this gasket not only ensures hygiene and cooling but also makes the cleaning Process convenient.

Pros and Cons of Haier Refrigerators

Haier India’s refrigerators business is their one of the largest businesses in the country. Haier is way ahead of competition in bottom mounted refrigerator segment as it has captured a huge market share in the segment. Also, many direct cool Haier refrigerators are popular for bringing decent technology at affordable pricing. Also, it has one of the largest ranges of direct cool 5 -star inverter refrigerators in India.

As far as technology is concerned, Haier has one of the best technologies and sits among the top sellers of refrigerators in India. Haier is also among few refrigerator brands in India that offer convertible refrigerator. In fact, Haier, along with Samsung, offer true convertibility feature with its 8-in-1 convertible refrigeration technology, which is one of the best in the market right now. Also, Haier side-by-side refrigerators give one of the best fridge to freezer ratio as compared to other top refrigerator brands in the market.

Talking about cons, many Haier refrigerators do not come with self-diagnosis feature. In comparison most of the LG refrigerators have self-diagnosis feature that helps in quick resolution during troubleshooting. Also, Haier’s after-sales service is not as good as Whirlpool or LG in some areas.

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Haier is one of the largest home appliances brands in the world right now. And it has become a leading refrigerator brand in the subcontinent in very short time. In fact, it is one of the newest entrants in refrigeration space in India as compared to other major brands. Haier is considered one of the best if you are looking with decent features at affordable pricing because most of its refrigerators are competitively priced. Also, premium Haier refrigerators come with high-end technologies such as 14-in-1 convertibility, My Zone, Fuzzy Logic, triple inverter, smart features and so on. Even these refrigerators are competitively priced.

Therefore, if you are looking for refrigerators with new-age technology and at decent price point, then you should consider this brand.

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