Inverter vs Non Inverter Washing Machine: And the Winner is…

December 3, 2021 / RefrigeratorPro Team

If you are planning to buy a washing machine, chances are, you have come across inverter washing machines in the market. Don’t worry we will give you complete information on inverter technology in washing machine so that you can make a decision on your machine purchase.

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Inverter Washing Machine vs Non-Inverter Washing Machine

Here is a quick overview of inverter washing machines vs non-inverter machines.

Non-Inverter Washing MachineInverter Washing Machine
Consumes more powerConsumes 30 – 40% less power
Gives decent wash qualityPerforms excellent washing
In conventional top load washing machines, only pulsator rotatesIn some top load inverter machines, both drum and pulsator rotate in opposite direction
Uses conventional motorsUses BLDC motors
Has shorter life spanHas longer lifespan
Produces more vibration and noiseProduces less vibration and noise
Inexpensive as compared to inverter machinesInverter washing machines are more costly
Cost of maintenance and repairs is not very highMaintenance and repair costs can be higher

How Conventional Washing Machine Works?

A washing machine works by moving clothes through water and detergent to loosen dirt and the drum walls act as a washboard.

Regular washing machines come with a drum that is controlled by a fixed speed motor. And fully automatic washing machines have additional sensors to determine the weight of laundry (load).

Hence, as soon as you load the laundry inside a fully automatic washing machine, its sensors detect the load and determine the amount of time and water required. But conventional washing machines have one drawback, that is, there is no mechanism to regulate the speed of the washing machines as per the load.

For example, if you put 5 kg clothes in 8 kg washing machine, it will run at same speed, that is, full speed. Since there is no speed regulation mechanism, the machine ends up using more power than is required. This also leads to more harsh washing since the machine always runs at maximum speed irrespective of weight/volume of clothes.

Sure, you can use the “gentle” setting if you want to wash a 3 kg load on a 7 kg-rated washing machine if you want to save a little bit of energy, but the cleaning performance will not be optimal. This is where inverter washing machines come in.

Advantages of Conventional Washing Machine

  • Inexpensive: Conventional machines are inexpensive as compared to inverter washing machines
  • Low Maintenance: These washing machines are easier to repair, and the cost of repair is also lesser

Disadvantages of Conventional Washing Machine

  • Less Power Efficient: Conventional washing machines end up using more power because there is no mechanism to regulate the motor speed
  • Produces More Noise: Conventional washing machines create more noise because they run at maximum speed even with small load, which results in more noise every time you wash clothes
  • Shorter Lifespan: Any motor that runs at fixed speed has shorter lifespan. This is because of higher wear and tear when the motor is suddenly stopped from maximum speed. Hence conventional washing machines are less durable than inverter washing machines

What is Inverter Washing Machine?

One of the major differences between inverter washing machine and regular washing machine is the motor. Inverter washing machine uses inverter motor as compared to brush motors in conventional washing machines.

Basically, the inverter controls the frequency of electrical current that goes to the motor so that it can operate at variable speeds. Hence, an inverter washing machine can vary the speed of its motor. This allows the machine to use the exact power required without sacrificing the cleaning performance.

A washing machine with inverter technology has the capability to run at a variable speed based upon the load inside the washing machine. This means that the inverter motor runs at a higher speed when the weight of clothes is more and it runs at a slower speed when clothes are lesser in weight.

Hence, the inverter motor prevents the wastage of power when compared to a normal motor and helps save electricity.

What is inverter motor in washing machine? Inverter motors are BLDC (Brushless DC Electric Motor). No brush means low vibration and noise. On top of this, the speed of the motor is regulated with the help of a control board. This controller converts (inverts) the voltage from AC to DC (and then back to AC) to ensure that optimum voltage is supplied to the motor for optimum speed regulation of the motor. Hence, inverter motor is a combination of inverter and motor that work together to change the speed of rotation as per the load.

Washing machine inverter technology is not very different from inverter technology used in other major appliances such as refrigerator and AC.

Please note that top washing machine brands have improved upon this technology to offer their own names for inverter washing machines. For example, LG’s direct-drive technology uses inverter motor, and the drum is mounted on the engine for effective and low-noise wash.

Advantages of Inverter Washing Machines

  • Long Lifespan: Inverter washing machines regulates the speed of motor so that the ‘on’ and ‘off’ are not abrupt. This ensures long life of such motors
  • Low Noise/Vibrations: These machines produce less vibration, which leads to lesser noise
  • Low Power Consumption: Power consumption is lower because of optimum speed regulation
  • Excellent Wash Quality: Wash quality is good
  • Great Warranty: Most inverter motors come with 10-year warranty, which is quite good

Disadvantages of Inverter Washing Machines

  • Expensive: These washing machines are more expensive than conventional washing machines
  • Costlier Maintenance: Repair and maintenance cost can be higher, even though chances of wear and tear are quite less

Price Difference Between Inverter Washing Machine and Non Inverter Washing Machine

We analyzed 77 inverter and non inverter washing machines in India to find out the price difference between inverter washing machine and conventional washing machines.

As far as front load washing machines are concerned, front load inverter washing machines are 2 to 5% costlier than non inverter washing machines. This is when you keep all other parameters constant such as capacity, star rating and other features. For example, base front load model of a non inverter washing machine is priced at Rs 22,500. While its inverter variation costs only around 23,000.

On the other hand, price difference is higher when it comes to top load washing machines. Top load inverter washing machines are 10 to 15% costlier than non inverter washing machines.

Direct Drive Inverter Motor vs Conventional Inverter Motor

Direct Drive Inverter TechnologyConventional Inverter Technology
Motor and drum are integratedMotor is connected with the drum with belt and pulley
Better lifespan when compared to conventional inverter motorsShorter lifespan
Bulkier washing machinesLighter in weight
Only LG offers this technologyOffered by most brands such as LG Samsung, Bosch and Whirlpool

In direct-drive inverter motor, the motor is placed inside the drum directly instead of connecting the motor and drum with belt and pulley mechanism. Because of this, the vibrations in the washing machine are reduced considerably. This leads to more durability and decrease in noise. Hence it is a superior technology.

On the other hand, conventional inverter motor is connected to the drum with the help of belt and pulley mechanism. Due to this, there is more noise/vibrations. On top of this, the life of such motors is less because higher number of moving and connecting parts increases the chances of wear and tear over a long period of time.

Inverter Technology in Washing Machine Brands

Belt drive motor
Belt Drive Motor

Most of the international brands have their own versions of inverter tech. Let’s see some of the main ones here.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor uses inverter technology and a belt-less motor that is connected directly to the drum. This mechanism ensures more stability, lower noise, and lower power consumption. We are yet to see similar technology in any other washing machine brand. Hence, if you are wondering which inverter washing machine comes with best tech, then LG washing machine (with direct drive motor) is the answer!

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Digital Inverter Motor

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor is also a good option if you are looking for inverter washing machines. However, its inverter motor is a belt-drive motor, hence, it may not be at par with LG’s direct drive motor in terms of technology. However, majority of Samsung inverter washing machine customers are satisfied with its performance and durability.

Intellisense Inverter Motor

Whirlpool’s Intellisense Inverter Motor is another inverter technology that is gaining popularity. Just like Samsung, it is a belt drive motor.

Even though LG offers superior motor technology, as far as inverter technology is concerned there is not much difference in the tech used by all the three brands. Hence, if the motor is not a concern, then you can go with either of the brands for inverter washing machines.

Ecosilence Drive

Bosch’s latest inverter technology use EcoSilence Drive motor that uses a permanent magnet instead of brushes. Again, this is a belt drive motor. It usually comes along with AntiVibration technology in most of the Bosch washing machines. This combination results in lower noise and vibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is smart inverter technology in washing machine?

Smart inverter is the brand name for inverter technology used in top load LG washing machines. These washing machines have all the benefits of inverter technology such as energy efficiency, low noise and long life.

What is the difference between direct drive and digital inverter technology?

LG’s direct drive and Smasung’s digital inverter technology both are inverter technologies. However, direct drive technology has motor integrated into the drum of the washine. On the other hand, digital inverter technology comes with belt and pulley mechanism that connects the motor with the drum. Hence, direct drive technology is better the digital inverter technology.

Does IFB offer inverter washing machines?

IFB offers very less number of inverter washing machines.

Which are the best brands for inverter washing machines?

LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and Bosch are the best brands for inverter washing machines.

What is inverter touch control?

Most Bosch inverter washing machines are branded as “inverter touch control”. It is more of a naming convention than a technological difference. Hence, there is not much difference between inverter washing machines of other brands with touch control and Bosch inverter touch control washing machines.

Best Inverter Washing Machines

LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Fully automatic front load washing machine.
  • Capacity of 8 kgs is ideal for families with 5 or more members.
  • Equipped with in-built heater.
  • Decent maximum spin speed of 1200 RPM.
  • Warranty on product is 2 years while it is 10 years on motor.
  • 10 wash programs.

The inbuilt heater allows deep cleaning of clothes such as pillow covers, curtains, diapers etc. It can heat water up to 60° C within no time.

As discussed, LG’s inverter technology is called direct drive. Since this is an inverter washing machine, its noise levels are quite low and it is the most power efficient washing machine in its category.

The 6 motion direct drive can perform 6 types of motions. It allows the drum to tailor each load from a combination of six types of motions- rolling, stepping, scrubbing, swinging, filtration and tumbling. Hence the wash drum moves with different intensity and in different directions. Again, this feature is one of the most unique ones and we are yet to see such a powerful motion feature in other washing machine brands.

Just like most other automatic LG washing machines, you can install a dedicated app on your phone and connect this washing machine for fast and hassle-free issue resolution.

Its auto restart feature allows the washing machine to start automatically after the power cut in such a way that it starts from the same cycle in which it was running before a power cut.

Its child lock feature is another handy feature that disables the touch panel with the press of a button.

Cleaning and maintenance can be performed quite easily. Most of the customers who have purchased this machine have no major complaints.


  • Inbuilt heater
  • Time delay function
  • Child lock feature
  • High capacity
  • Smart Diagnosis feature
  • Water proof touch panel
  • 2-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on motor


High capacity leads to higher price

What do Customer Reviews Say?

This washing machine is one of the highest rated front load washing machines. Most customer are happy about its higher capacity of 8 kgs and its low noise performance.

Another aspect loved by some of the customers is that there is no need for any stand along with the washing machine. Also, there is no need to purchase any additional accessories from the installation execs.

As far as installation experience is concerned, while most customers are satisfied, there are a few customers who have faced issues during the installation process. Do make sure to ask as many questions and if you still have questions, you can call customer care.

Bosch 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Fully automatic front load washing machine.
  • Capacity of 7 kgs is ideal for families with 4 to 5 members.
  • Equipped with in-built heater.
  • Good maximum spin speed of 1200 RPM.
  • Warranty on product is 2 years while it is 12 years on motor.
  • 15 wash programs.

Bosch has always been a front runner when it comes to front loading washing machines. It is a German company that specializes in manufacturing state of the art technology. There was a time when Bosch washing machine used to expensive as compared to other front loading brands, but that time has long gone and Bosch now offers washing machines at competitive prices.

One such washing machine is Bosch 7 kg 5 star washing machine.

For starters, it comes with 15 wash programs, which is quite good and it gives you more options to choose from. Other highlight of this machine is its motor warranty period. The inverter compressor comes with a warranty period of 12 years. This is one of the highest when compared to all other front loaders in the market.

Other than this, its 7 kg capacity is quite good and ideal for mid-sized families in India. Other than this, its inbuilt heater effectively disinfects 99.9% of bacteria by washing clothes at 60 degrees Celsius.

One of the salient features of Bosch front loaders is their low noise operation. This is possible because most Bosch front loaders come with AntiVibration side panels and Ecosilence drive motor. This is the name Bosch uses for its inverter motor. Both the technologies in this washing machine ensure noise-free operation.

Its 1200 RPM motor speed is decent enough and at par with most other front loaders in the range. Also, the anti-tangle program ensures that the tangles are minimized by as much as 50%. This increases the life of clothes.


  • 2-year warranty on product and 12-year warranty on motor
  • Consumes less water
  • Disinfection program kills 99.9% germs
  • Decent capacity of 7 kg
  • Time delay function
  • Low noise operation


  • No child lock feature
  • No smart diagnosis feature

What do Customer Reviews Say?

Most customers are happy about its decent capacity of 7 kgs, time delay function and its higher warranty on the motor.

As far as experience with service technicians is concerned, customers especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities have faced issues during installation. Also, some users have faced issues in connecting the inlet pipe and tap.

LG 6.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Fully automatic front load washing machine.
  • Capacity of 6 kgs is ideal for families with 2 to 3 members.
  • Equipped with in-built heater.
  • Maximum spin speed of 1000 RPM.
  • Warranty on product is 2 years while it is 10 years on motor.
  • 10 wash programs.

Let’s face it. LG is the most successful inverter washing machine brand in India by far. No wonder LG’s market share in inverter washing machine space is highest. Hence, here is another inverter washing machine from LG.

This washing machine comes with 10 wash programs- Cotton, Cotton Eco, Skin Care, Wool, Sportswear, Easy Care, Baby Care, Delicate, Duvet, Quick 30

This is not very high but it is sufficient for most types of fabric. Also, its quick 30 program can be used for fast washing when the clothes are lightly soiled.

Frankly, it has almost all the features present in the 8 kg inverter LG washing machine discussed in this review. Here are the major differences:

Its capacity is less at 6 kg. This washing machine is ideal for small families. If you are a family of 2 or 3, then you can purchase this machine. Also, due to this, it is one of the most affordable inverter washing machines in the market.

Other than that, its 1000 RPM rotation speed is slightly less. However, the drum speed is important mostly to get better drying.

What do Customer Reviews Say?

This washing machine comes with several features such as 6 motion control technology, inverter direct drive, smart diagnosis, inbuilt heater, water proof touch panel, auto restart, tub clean and child lock feature that too at this pricing.

At sub 25k price, it is one of the most cost effective inverter front load washing machines in the market. Hence, most customers are satisfied with the pricing as well as the plethora of features.


  • 2-year warranty on product and 10-year warranty on motor
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Time delay function
  • Child lock feature
  • Smart Diagnosis feature
  • Water proof touch panel


  • 6-kg capacity is not ideal for mid-sized families



Inverter washing machines are priced higher than regular washing machines and are a newer technology. They bring with them decent benefits, but at a higher cost. If money is not a concern and you are planning to purchase long-lasting washing machine, then you should definitely go with inverter washing machine. Else, regular washing machines are a decent cost-effective option if you do not want to spend more.

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