LG Washing Machine Review [2021]: Is it Worth It?

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When it comes to washing machines, you cannot go wrong with LG. It is not only one of the largest washing machine manufacturers in India and abroad, but also a leader in industries such as Air Conditioning, Refrigerator and TV.

LG India entered India in 1997 after failed entry in 1993 and within seven years it had become one of the leaders in many home appliances segments. And as far as washing machine is concerned, it reached number one position within 5 years of reentry.

LG Washing Machine Review
LG Washing Machine Review

One of the reasons of its early success was its ability to offer quality appliances at affordable pricing. This became possible with the help of its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Greater Noida which was built when it entered the country.

On top of this, it has constantly innovated to bring some of the advanced features in washing machines. For example, its direct drive washing machines are the first and only washing machines as of 2021 to integrate the motor within the drum. This removes the use of belt altogether and thus creates low noise and ensures long life. Another example is the LG ThinQ front loading washing machine that comes with artificial intelligence that detects fabric and washes clothes based on 20,000 pieces of information.

And the best part is that unlike some other large brands, LG offers both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines in India.

LG Washing Machine Review

In this review of LG washing machine, we will discuss key technologies used on its machines and pros & cons will be discussed in the end of the post.

Inverter Technology + Direct Drive (DD) Motor for Long Life and Low Noise

Conventional washing machines come with motor that run on fixed speed irrespective of the load. This means that if you add 3 lg load in 7 kg washing machine, it will still run at maximum capacity. This cause wastage of power and inefficient washing.

To counter this, top washing machine brands have installed inverter technology in high-end models. This technology ensures variable motor speed as per the load inside the machine. Hence, it ensures better washing and lower power consumption.

Washing machines with inverter technology come with drive motors. These motors can be with or without belt. This is where LG shines. LG’s direct drive motors are the first of its kind as they do have any belt.

Basically, high-end LG washing machines are equipped with motor that is directly attached to the drum without using any mechanical moving parts such as pulley or belt. This absence of moving parts result in less wear & tear of LG machines and this is one of the reasons why most of the inverter washing machines from LG come with 10-year warranty.

Even though this makes these machines bulkier, the benefits are worth considering.

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Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive (AI DD) for Washing as per Fabric

As if direct drive technology was not enough, LG added artificial intelligence to its DD machines to wash based on fabric type. The artificial intelligence uses 20,000 pieces of information and uses this knowledge to wash clothes based not only on the load (weight), but also on the delicateness of garments. This also ensures that soft fabric does not get damaged.

TurboWash 360 & 3D Multispray for Deep Cleaning in One Hour

TurboWash feature uses powerful jets that penetrate deep into fabrics for all-round cleaning and that too within 59 minutes. Its 3D Multi Spray shoots jets of water in five different directions simultaneously to clean even hard stains. This is a helpful feature because it allows you to wash 2 kg worth of laundry to be washed in just 59 mins instead of the standard 2 hours. This ensures low water consumption apart from saving time.

6 Motion DD (Direct Drive) for All Round Cleaning

Many LG washing machines come with 6 Motion DD technology. This 6 Motion Direct Drive technology rotates the wash drum in 6 different directions, which ensures that the clothes are cleaned properly, while maintaining the quality of the fabric. These six motions are Scrubbing, Rolling, Stepping, Swing, Tumbling and Filtration.

Considering that most washing machines only have one wash motion, this is leaps ahead of conventional motion technologies.

Again, we are yet to see a similar technology in any other washing machine brands in India.

LG Steam+ Technology for Elimination of Allergens.

Many top washing machines brands come with feature to remove allergens because they can cause skin allergy and skin irritation especially in people with sensitive skin. LG is no different as its premium washing machines come with Steam+ feature that eliminates 99.9% of allergens, such as dust mites (that can cause allergy or respiratory issues). It able to achieve this by generating steam for 20 minutes. Moreover, it also reduces wrinkles by as much as 30%.

On top of this, this technology comes with BAF and TUV certification. Thus, ensuring peace of mind.

ThinQ App for Connecting Washing Machine with Your Phone

Just like other top washing machine brands, LG comes with its own smart diagnostics feature. This feature allows easy error resolution in case of any issues with the machine. All you have to do is install the ThinQ app on your smartphone and connect your washing machine with it. Once your machine is connected, you can perform several operations such as monitoring and controlling the machine remotely.

When you install the app, it automatically detects the issues and once detection is complete it provides trouble-shooting steps to get the problem fixed, reducing the need to call customer care personnel. This app can diagnose up to several different technical issues

One of the great features of this app is that this is one single app for monitoring and controlling all your LG appliances such as Microwave, AC, TV etc. at one place.

LG Twin Wash Technology to Double up your Washing Load

LG’s Twin Wash technology provides two separate drums for washing. There is one main wash drum which on top of a mini drum. Main drum has high capacity (usually 20 Kgs) which can be used to clean large and heavily stained clothes. While the mini section below it can be used for delicate clothes such as inner garments, handkerchiefs, scarf and so on.

As you can imagine, this technology is not for everyone and most of the households do not need such washing machines. However, large families may opt for this washing machine as it can help in cleaning good amount of clothes at once, besides allowing smaller and delicate clothes to be washed at the same time. These machines are also priced higher.

Turbo Drum for Excellent Cleaning

Many top load washing machines come with rotating pulsator at the bottom and fixed drum on top of it. However, LG’s Turbo drum technology comes with rotating drum that rotates in opposite direction to that of the pulsator. This ensures decent washing. Moreover, this feature not only minimizes entangling of clothes, but also ensures that the fabric does not get damaged.

Eco Dry and Normal Dry for Saving Water and Time

LG washing machines that come with Eco Hybrid technology come with two options- Eco Dry and Normal Dry. Normal dry uses some amount of water while drying clothes. This reduces the time to dry by 10 minutes per kg as compared to regular drying.

On the other hand, Eco mode uses no water while drying clothes. This ensures that no water is wasted during drying process. To put things in perspective, conventional dryers use 36 liters of water per kg to dry clothes!

Tub Clean, Auto Restart and Child Lock for Ease of Use

Almost all front load washing machines and many top load washing machines come with these features. Hence LG washing machines are also equipped with tub clean, auto restart and child lock features. If you know about these features, you can skip this section.

Tub clean feature allows to clean the drum of the washing machine with the press of a button. This is an important feature to keep the machine clean. However, its important to properly wipe the gasket of the machine after use to prevent growth of molds.

Auto Restart feature starts the washing machine from where it had left off when the power comes back after power cut.

Child lock feature locks the buttons of the machine to prevent damage from any accidental pressing of buttons.

Pros & Cons of LG Washing Machines

LG is one of the best washing machine brands in the country. LG offers wide range of washing machines and you can get washing machines with almost any the type of specifications as per your requirement. It is one of the few brands along with Samsung and Whirlpool that offer excellent washing machines in semi-automatic as well as fully automatic washing machine segment.

As far are as new innovations are concerned, we are yet to see a technology like direct drive even though this technology is not new. Its 6D motion technology is another unique technology that is present in many LG washing machines and very less brands offer similar tech.

There is not doubt that LG washing machines are of excellent quality and most of them can be connected with dedicated app for easy monitoring and error resolution. And if you have more LG appliances, you can connect them as well to the app.

Now let’s talk about cons. Even though LG’s smart phone app is quite good, it still lacks some essential features. For example, you cannot turn on the washing machine remotely with the help of this app (according to LG, allowing this can pose security vulnerability). Also, even though price point of LG washing machines is quite competitive when compared to large multinational brands, it is higher than some of the Indian brands in the market.


LG is adept in understanding the needs and preferences of Indian customers. LG became a leader in AC space within 4 years of its re-entry in India and in the fifth year it was a market leader in washing machine space. These are astounding figures to say the least. In terms of innovation, LG keeps on bringing new products and features.

Hence, if you are looking for reliable washing machines that are durable and cost effective, then LG can be a perfect choice for your home.

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