Panasonic AC Review[2022]: Is it Worth The Price?

February 28, 2022 / RefrigeratorPro Team

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational brand that is a market leader in many segments all over the over the world. It was started in the year 1918 and has diversified into many electronic and electrical equipment ever since. Panasonic is the market leader in AC market in Japan and it is renowned for its best-in-class ACs around the world.

Panasonic AC Review

Most of the Panasonic ACs are manufactured in India in their large dedicated facility in Haryana. However, some high-end parts such as microchips are imported from Japan. The quality of India-made ACs is at par with other international ACs, if not better. Getting a push from Make in India Campaign, Panasonic India exports India-made ACs to several countries.

In this article, we will discuss all the key features present in Panasonic air conditioners in India.

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Panasonic AC Review

In this Panasonic AC review, we will cover key technologies along with pros and cons in the end. Let’s get started with its key features.

Econavi Technology

Panasonic inverter ACs are equipped with twin rotary inverter compressors with Econavy technology. Twin rotary inverter compressor are similar to other inverter compressors in terms of operation, however, it is also powered by Econavi technology to give better cooling.

Econavy comes with various sensors for identifying user behaviour, presence of users and sunlight intensity to give cooling based on these parameters.

For example, if sunlight intensity is less and there is no one in the room, then the sensors will detect this and run the compressor at minimal speed to save energy usage and give optimum cooling. Now, if someone enters the room, it will detect the presence of the individual and will direct the cool air towards the user.

Nanoe Technology

Nanoe technology is an air purification technology that releases particles in the air that deactivates odour, allergens, microorganisms etc. It comes in 3 flavours- Nanoe, Nanoe- X and Nanoe- G


Nanoe technology essentially generates nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles through its nanoe generator. These nano particles perform following functions.

This technology can remove odours such as cigarette odour, garbage odour and scalp odour. It is able to achieve this by penetrating the deep within fibers, allowing for concentrated deodorisation. It also deactivates bacteria and viruses. The OH radical nanoe particles denature the protein found in the viruses. Thus inhibiting the virus.

Nanoe technology Inhibits formation of 8 types of household moulds. It includes moulds found in house dust such as Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Alternaria, Fusarium, Penicillium, Eurotium, mould found in bathroom such as Stachybotrys and mould found in soil such as Mucor. Thus, it can inhibit airborne as well as adhered mould particles.

It also blocks major allergens such as ones derived from pets like dogs and cats, mite faeces etc. It is able to achieve this by denaturing the allergen protein. It also inhibits pollens from plants such as Cedar, Orchard Grass, Ragweed and Cypress.

It breaks down hazardous substances in PM 2.5 particles such as aromatic carboxylic acid (benzoic acid) and paraffin (hexadecane). These substance enter home by contaminated air, and water. Nanoe particles also moisturise skin and make hair straighter! It is able to achieve this by combining with skin’s natural sebum. This creates a coat on top of the skin, thus preventing moisture from escaping the skin.

Nanoe X

The ‘nanoe X’ is a device with that has Titanium tip (electrode) in the indoor unit of the AC. It releases Hydroxyl Radicals in the air to deactivate viruses and germs.

Nanoe X technology is one step ahead of nanoe technology. It can even remove 99.99% SARS Cov-2 viruses (Covid-19 virus).

These Hydroxyl radicals are negatively charged and they react with positively charged bacteria/virus and deactivate them. Nanoe X technology releases 4.8 trillion ions in one second to inhibit novel coronavirus in a standard-sized room in only two hours.

Nanoe X particles are ‘nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles’. These particles are smaller than nanoe particles, and thus can penetrate the deeper into the fibers, ensuring more effective deodorisation. This means that it is better than nanoe particles in eliminating odours. It can eliminate odours from sweat, garbage, cigarette, scalp, dampness etc.

On top of this, it also work in fan mode and their is no need to switch on the compressor. Nanoe- X device is made in Japan, while the AC is made in India.

Other properties nanoe x are similar to nanoe technologies

Nanoe G

The nanoe-G is simiar to nanoe and nanoe X technologies. Nanoe-G generator generates nanoe – G particles that are negative ions.

Nanoe-G particles charge the dust particles with electricity and stick to them. After this, these particles are brought back to the air conditioner and get collected in the air filter.

R32 Refrigerant

Panasonic ACs come with new-age and eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. It is better than other widely used refrigerant R410A. In fact Japanese AC brands including Panasonic were one of the first in the world to pioneer the use of environment friendly refrigerant R32.

Advantages of R32 Refrigerant

Higher Cooling Capacity

R32 has high cooling capacity. Which means that it can transfer heat efficiently, thus gives effective cooling.

Saves Energy

R32 consumes less energy as compared to R410A, thus it is cost effective in long run

Environment Friendly

R32’s Ozone Depletion Potential is 0. It means that it does not harm to the ozone layer. Also its greenhouse effect is also one-third of that of R410A, which is quite good.

Non Toxic

It is not a harmful refrigerant

Short lifetime

Its lifetime in atmosphere is short at 4 to 9 years

Easy to recharge

Since this refrigerant is not a mixture of two gases like R410A, recharging it is comparatively easier.

Easy to recycle

Again, because it is single gas, it can be easily recycled as compared to R410A.

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iAuto X with P tech

Panasonic’s Premium split inverter ACs come with an iAuto-X feature. This technology senses the temperature in the room and switches the fan speed quickly to give fast cooling

Also, its Panasonic Thermal Enhancement Technology (P-tech) allows the fan and the compressor to run at very high speed so that the cooling takes places in very less time.

Its Pulse Ampliture Modulation (PAM) increases the speed of the compressor when the compressor is started to cool the room faster.


Panasonic ACs come with Aerowing design. It consists of 2 flaps. One is larger outer flap and other is smaller sub flap. Sub flap compresses the air, while the bigger outerflap enhances the airflow. Thus they are efficient in concentrating airflow in one particular direction such as downward direction. Also, as soon as the room gets cooled, the AC directs cool air towards the ceiling for ‘shower cooling’. Shower cooling is term used by Panasonic. It refers to the cold air that comes after reflecting from the walls in form of light showers.


SKY series of Panasonic ACs come with Skywing technology. The vane size of these ACs is 53% larger than regular ACs. This helps in providing cooling to wider area by delivering wider airflow.

Hot and Cold AC

Premium Panasonic ACs come with inbuilt heater so that the room can be heated during winter seasons. This makes such these ACs suitable for almost all seasons

Ecotough Outdoor Unit

Ecotough casing is a robust and corrosion resistant outdoor unit that is coated with multiple protections to help withstand rain and salty air. It consists of bluefin condenser that gives protection from corrosion. On top of this, the PCB (printed circuit board) are covered with water-resistant material.

Stabilizer-free Operation

Modern Panasonic ACs are capable of providing stabilizer-free operation. Its in-built stabilizer protects the AC from voltage fluctuations. Usually, the voltage protection range is between 145 V and 285V.

Pros and Cons of Panasonic ACs

Panasonic is known for high-end air conditioners that come with advanced technologies- Econavi and nanoe technology stands apart from its rivals. Econavi technology comes with advanced sensors that use artificial intelligence to detect human presence / absence, sunlight, heat from appliances such as computers and other appliances, level of activity, location of the users to give optimum cooling along with energy saving ability. This technology is not only used for household ACs, but it is also used for commercial establishments. This technology saves upto 15 to 20% more power.

Its nanoe technology is an advanced way to purify air by releasing nanoe particles into the air and deactivating various agents. Nanoe – x device can deactivate 99.99% SARS Cov-2 viruses (Covid-19 virus) withing two hours installed at 15cm from the floor in the 45L enclosed test box.

It can remove odours such as cigarette odour, sweat odour, pet odour. It can also deactivate bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergens, pollens and breakdown hazardous particles found in PM 2.5 matter.

Panasonic has also worked hard on its airflow technology. Its Aerowings and Skywing technology helps in faster cooling which not only can direct air to the users, but they can also cool the complete room to give overall cooling performance.

Also, it is one of the pioneers of R32 refrigerant, which is energy saving and eco-friendly.

In terms of cons, Panasonic does not have a wide variety of Window ACs, which can be a bit of a dampener for some of the customers. Also, its products are not always competitively priced and can be higher in price as compared to other brands.

Best-Selling Panasonic ACs

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With the advanced features such as nanoe technology that can even deactivate covid-19 virus, Aerowings, Skywings, sensor technology with AI, Panasonic is one the best AC brands in terms of technology. In terms of cost, it can be slightly expensive, but it is worth the price. Therefore if cost is not a concern then you there should be no hesitation in purchasing this Japanese brand AC.

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