What is Tumble Wash Technology & Benefits

Washing machine brands keep coming up with new innovations to help customers in different ways. One such technology is tumble wash. To understand tumble wash, first we need to understand the meaning of tumble.

What is the Meaning of Tumble?

As per oxford dictionary, tumble means to “to fall downwards, often hitting the ground several times…”

I simple words, it means to fall in a rolling manner.

What is Tumble Wash in Washing Machine?

Washing machines can either have horizontally rotating drum or vertically rotating drum depending upon the type of washing machine. Front load washing machine comes with vertically rotating drum.

In tumble wash, the clothes topple over or fall from a small height while the drum is rotating. To achieve such a motion, the motor of the washing machine rotates at a lower speed. As you can imagine, this can be achieved only when the drum is vertically rotating like in front load washing machines.

Hence almost every front load washing machine comes with tumble wash mechanism.

Some front loaders also come with separate tumble wash mode. This mode rotates the drum in one single direction as constant low speed. This action achieves the classic tumble motion that drops the clothes from a small higher on the drum surface or other clothes. Needless to say, this is the most common wash setting in a front load washing machine.

Also, even if there is no dedicated ‘tumble wash’ mode in your front loaders, it does not mean that the clothes are not being washed in tumbling motion. Hence all front loaders ‘tumble wash’ clothes.

Also, it is worth noting that most of the clothing brand mentions in their tags that which type of wash method would be ideal for their clothes.

Hence, if your clothing brand requires you to use tumble wash mode, you must follow such instructions.

Here is a quick video of Tumble Wash in a Washing Machine

Benefits of Tumble Wash

Tumble wash comes with a number of benefits. One of the major reasons why front load machines are so popular is because they offer the benefits of tumble wash.

  • Effective Stain Removal: Since tumble wash closely mimics the actual hand washing, it is one of the best methods to wash clothes. This is because process removes clothes by rubbing clothes against each other with the help of gravity, which is quite effective. This also means, with this method, there is no need to pre-treat your laundry in most of the cases.
  • Excellent for Delicate Fabric: Tumble wash is the very good for long life of your fabric especially if it’s delicate fabric. This is one of the reasons why you see so many wash modes in front load washing machines as compared to top load machines.
  • Low Noise Operation: Tumble wash is one of the most silent methods to wash clothes. This is because there it does not work by moving water and clothes together like in top loaders. Hence, only noise it produces is from the motor.
  • No / Minimal Tangling of Clothes: Clothes don’t get entangled during tumble wash and move loosely by toppling around each other.
  • Low Water Consumption: Water consumption during tumble wash is minimal. This because this process relies on washing clothes with its tumbling motion rather than by passing water current through water like in top load washing machines.
  • Less Wrinkling: Since clothes do not get lot of wrinkles, they are easier and faster to iron as well.
  • Low Power Consumption: Tumble wash process consumes less water as compared to top load washing machines. In fact, many tumble wash cycles use only 50% energy as compared to wash modes in top load washing machines. Hence it is very eco-friendly.

Drawbacks of Tumble Wash

  • Longer Wash Cycle: This wash process takes more time, as the clothes continue to spin and tumble slowly. Hence, the overall time consumed during the tumble wash is relatively higher.
  • Costlier Option: Tumble wash comes in front loaders, which are costlier than top loaders. On top of this, they are also costlier to repair and maintain.

Who Should Consider Tumble Wash?

Whether you want to go for tumble wash or not depends on whether you want to purchase front load washing machine. This is because top loaders do not come with tumble wash.

Some washing machines do come with a dedicated ‘tumble wash’ mode, which essentially rotates the drum constantly at low speed to create tumbling effect. There is nothing new in this type of motion as all front load washing machines have this setting even if it is not listed out separately!

To give you a short answer, the only major drawback of tumble wash is its higher cost of purchase and maintenance. If you are ready to spend more on your washing machine, then you should definitely consider washing machine with tumble wash motion. On the other hand, if you do not want to spend more, then an automatic top load washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine will be right for you.


Tumble wash allows you to wash the heavy dirt from your laundry without damaging the fabric. Also, there are plenty of more benefits of tumble wash, hence you can consider a washing machine that comes with tumble wash mode.


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